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My Exclusive Interview With Pepe Deluxe!

This was a FUN one!

This morning I went live on my Rumble Channel (make sure you Follow me here: with a new friend, Mr. Pepe Deluxe.

Don’t know him?

I bet you do.

He’s been a MAGA Patriot and warrior for the White Hats since 2016.

I bet you’ve seen and shared his memes….

Followed his channels…

Read his posts and comments.

And you probably didn’t even know who he was!

He’s one of the original “Pepe” accounts.

I met him recently at an event and we instantly hit it off.

But I’m not the only good judge of character out there….he’s also friends with Kari Lake:

Look, I gotta admit that’s cool and I’m a little jealous!

I wish I had pictures hanging out with Kari Lake!

One day I will….

Oh and Ed Henry has had him on his show:

But bottom line?

He’s just a good guy.

Normal guy, like you and me.

Salt of the earth.

And dude can talk to ANYBODY about ANYTHING!

So I told him we had to do a show together and that’s what we did this morning when we went live.




I let him tell his story about how Social Media nearly took his business under (very similar to my story)…

And how he’s devoted to helping save this country!

I always say that the Christian Conservatives are the people with all the creativity!

We are the ones creating…

We are the ones bringing new stuff into the world….

We are the ones running small businesses and offering goods and services to the world!

We are the ones making our communities better!

We build, we create, we add value!

What does the left do?

Steal, Kill and Destroy.

Wait a minute, where have I heard that before?

Ah yes, it’s John 10:10:

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

Christians are supposed to be the salt of the earth.

We are supposed to bring life…

We are supposed to build up, not tear down.

I try and do that here with this website.

I know so many of you reading this try to do that too.

And when he’s not making memes, Pepe Deluxe is a small business owner just like a lot of us.

He helps people with their credit card processing machines, and when I learned that it was another reason I was so excited to get him on my show.

Full disclosure: I love what he’s doing so much I’ve partnered up with him to get the word out about what he does.

Why do I care so much about credit card processing?

Sounds like of boring, right?

Far from it.

In fact, it’s what the Far Left has identified as a “choke point”.

It’s another HUGE way they can silence us and limit speech they don’t like.

How’s it work?


Did you post something online “they” don’t like?

Are you selling a product “they” don’t like?

Are you a Christian Conservative?

Are you a patriot?

What if we just shut off your ability to process credit cards?

POOF – your business disappears overnight.

Exactly like how they deleted me off of Facebook in 2019.

It’s a serious problem and I was so excited when I found a patriot who can offer a FREE SPEECH solution!

That’s what Pepe does, and he’s been in this business since the 1990s.

He knows all the tips and tricks.

And he’s GOOD at it!

Oh, and he can probably save you some serious money each month if you run a small business and process credit cards.


As I always say, who loves ya baby?

I’m always bringing you solutions!

His company is called OneSourceSolutions and he explains the meaning behind that name in our interview.

If you are interested in seeing whether they can help you, go here ( and tell them Noah sent you!

Or use promo code WLT.

And they’ll hook you up with some extra freebie stuff!

Ok, please enjoy this one….I know you will.

From Rumble:

As promised in the video, here are the links I mentioned:

OneSourceSolutions 👉

Pepe on Telegram 👉

Pepe on Twitter 👉

Help us get Ben Garrison back on Twitter!

We all need to band together.

Even if you personally haven’t had your business shut down by a credit card processor, do you really want to keep giving your money to the Woke Big Corporations that hate you?

Let’s shift it.

Let’s support Patriots….who will support you right back and do all they can to keep your business OPEN and processing customers.

How’s that sound?

It starts with each of us.

By ourselves, we can’t do much….

But when we band together, we can give ’em the Bud Light treatment!


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