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Michael Cohen: TikTok Antics That Diminsh His Credibility

Trump is a “dictator!”

Or so, the Democrats are so fond of saying. Especially Michael Cohen who was saying that on TikTok.

It turns out, Michael Cohen’s is the main act in the New York v. Trump showdown on Monday.

But here’s the twist: Cohen’s TikTok tactics.

Observers from all over the legal world are questioning Cohen’s credibility because of it.

And what’s he up to?

Dropping case hints on TikTok.

And at the same time Trump’s stuck on mute thanks to a gag order.

At least the world gets a real clear picture on this man’s character. And lack thereof.

What’s one of the antics he did on TikTok?

Well, last month he called Todd Blance, Trump attorney, a ‘crying little *****’.

Sounds like classic projection to me.

Fox News reports:

Michael Cohen could be a star witness Monday in the landmark New York v. Trump case, but pundits and legal gurus across the political spectrum have openly questioned his credibility and the wisdom of his brazen social media presence.

Cohen, once a loyal employee of former President Trump but now a sworn enemy, has come under fire for speaking out about the case on TikTok while Trump is silenced due to Judge Juan Merchan’s controversial gag order.

“His lack of impulse control in all of this is remarkable,” New York Times reporter Susanne Craig told MSNBC on Friday. “He went out on Twitter and said I’m not going to say anything else … then was out on a TikTok live video with a shirt of Donald Trump behind bars.”

Cohen has been labeled a “grifter” in some circles, while others celebrate him as a reformed sinner who truly regrets his past fixer work for Trump.

He is expected to explain his role in arranging a $130,000 payment in 2016 to adult actress Stormy Daniels to allegedly silence her story that she had a sexual encounter with former President Trump in 2006, and whether the jury believes his account should be central to the case’s success.

As Cohen’s legal woes mounted, Trump and Cohen turned on another beginning in 2018 after the latter spent years doing what he called the future president’s “dirty deeds.”

“This week, convicted perjurer and disbarred attorney Michael Cohen will take a break from getting paid to trash Trump on TikTok — to trash Trump in the courtroom,” attorney Mike Davis, an outspoken Trump supporter who served as a law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, told Fox News Digital.

In court Friday, Judge Merchan directed New York prosecutors to instruct Cohen to stop making comments about the case and Trump ahead of taking the witness stand, but did not impose a gag order. The state’s lawyers said they would relay the message.

However, that hasn’t stopped Cohen from doing TikTok live videos about the case, speculating about Trump going to prison and even apparently fundraising through viewer donations during the trial.

“Trump 2024?” Cohen said on one last month. “More like Trump 20-24 years.”

Fox News contributor and constitutional law expert Jonathan Turley called him a “serial perjurer” who is making money off the case by soliciting cash and selling merchandise on social media.

Cohen has always been open as a grifter,” Turley wrote.

“He continues to act to his nature. The problem is a political and legal system that enables him as a serial liar,” Turley continued.

Imprisoned attorney Michael Avenatti, who first represented Daniels in her lawsuits against Trump, doesn’t believe the state can win the case without the jury believing and liking Cohen, which he thinks is a “tall task.”

“They have to call him because there’s nobody that links Trump to these reimbursements and this supposed conspiracy other than Cohen. There’s no witness that could carry the water on these critical points other than Michael Cohen,” Avenatti told Fox News Digital from his California prison.

“If I’m the state, I’m incredibly nervous about that because at this point you don’t want to stake anything on Michael Cohen,” Avenatti continued. “The guy is a complete disaster of a witness.”

Cohen wishes he was a knight? Ha! What is this about?

Washington Examiner adds:

Donald Trump’s defense team began its highly anticipated cross-examination of Michael Cohen on Tuesday with questions about the witness’s constant criticisms of the former president and his attorneys.

“You went on TikTok and called me a crying little s***, didn’t you?” attorney Todd Blanche asked as his first question, according to CNN reports from the courtroom where Trump’s hush money trial was taking place.

“Sounds like something I would say,” Cohen replied.

Prosecutors working on behalf of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg raised objections to the question, resulting in Judge Juan Merchan striking it from the record.

Blanche, however, continued to grill Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, on comments he has made during his livestreams on the popular Chinese-owned app.

Blanche asked Cohen about an April 23 appearance he made on TikTok and if he recalled calling Trump a “dictator d********” during it.

“Sounds like something I would say,” Cohen replied.

“On that same TikTok on April 23 you referred to President Trump when he left the courtroom, you said that he goes right into that little cage, which is where he belongs, in a f***ing cage like an animal?” Blanche asked.

“I recall saying that,” Cohen responded.

Blanche, a former federal prosecutor leading Trump’s defense team, continued to zero in on public comments Cohen has made on TikTok before showcasing to the jury how Cohen has profited from targeting Trump on the app.

When Blanche asked if Cohen holds TikTok livestreams to make money, Cohen replied, “Money is made from it, yes.”

“That’s not my question,” Blanche said. “One of the reasons you do it is to make money, yes or no?”

“Yes,” Cohen replied.

Here’s Cohen letting us know that Trump is all the “isms” and all the “phobes” that exist.


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