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REPORT: Michael Cohen’s Former Lawyer To DISCREDIT His Story Before Congress

Michael Cohen’s ex-lawyer is gearing up to DISMANTLE Cohen’s narrative before Congress.

While Cohen testifies against President Trump in the bogus NY criminal case, another testimony from Cohen’s former attorney Robert Costello is set to be delivered to Congress on Wednesday, providing a very different story…

And, according to a report from Just the News, Costello’s testimony is incredibly damning for Michael Cohen.

Prepared testimony and memos written by Costello paint Cohen as a “habitual liar and totally unreliable witness” who admitted time and time again that he was the one who devised the so-called ‘hush money’ plot that Trump is facing charges for and that Trump is totally innocent.

Take a look at this breaking report:

Here’s what the report from Just the News says:

While Michael Cohen, the disbarred lawyer and convicted perjurer, stars as the prosecution’s chief witness at Donald Trump’s Manhattan trial, House Republicans are offering a powerful counter story Wednesday:  unflattering testimony backed by contemporaneous memos from Cohen’s ex-lawyer portraying the former Trump fixer as a “habitual liar and totally unreliable witness.”

In testimony prepared to be delivered to the House subcommittee on the weaponization of government, prominent New York defense attorney Robert Costello will tell lawmakers that Cohen told his lawyers back in 2018 that he had concocted himself the hush-money scheme that Trump is charged with and had no incriminating evidence against the former president.

Costello, once the deputy chief of the Manhattan U.S. attorney’s office’ prestigious criminal division, alleges in his prepared testimony obtained by Just the News that Cohen repeatedly insisted that Trump had done nothing wrong when he was debriefed in 2018 while federal prosecutors were investigating whether Trump violated any election laws in 2016. Ultimately, federal prosecutors chose not to bring charges.

Costello said Cohen at the time was suicidal and had been assured he could have gotten a deal from federal prosecutors if he delivered provable dirt on the former president.

“Each time Cohen said to me: ‘I swear to God, Bob, I don’t have anything on Donald Trump,’” Costello’s prepared testimony states. “Cohen must have said this at least ten times because I kept coming back to it from different approaches.

“Cohen kept on saying: ‘Guys I want you to remember, I will do whatever the F … I have to do, I will never spend one day in jail,’” Costello recalled. “I even said to Cohen at one point: ‘Michael, now is the time to tell the truth and cooperate if you want your legal problems to disappear.’

Cohen would again reply: “I swear to God, Bob, I don’t have anything on Donald Trump.”

When Cohen got new lawyers and began singing a different tune to the U.S. attorney’s office in Manhattan, Costello said he secured a waiver of attorney-client privilege and turned over previously privileged memos to the federal prosecutors that directly contradicted Cohen’s new account of events.

The evidence was so compelling, Costello alleged, that federal prosecutors decided not to proceed with prosecuting Trump based on Cohen’s claims.

“After that, the U.S. Attorney’s Office never dealt with Cohen again, having concluded, rightly, that he was a habitual liar and totally unreliable witness,” Costello’s prepared opening statement said. “That office chose to not bring any charges against President Trump. Clearly the correct decision. But the same cannot be said for the for the New York District Attorney’s Office.”

Costello, who has never represented Trump though he once represented Trump’s former attorney Rudy Giuliani, takes direct aim at District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s indictment, suggesting it was riddled with legal issues and likely to be reversed if there is a jury conviction.

“Totally unreliable witness” Michael Cohen, of course, took the stand as Alvin Bragg’s key witness today.

The “habitual liar” is expected to continue his testimony over the next few days.

Forbes has the highlights from Day One of Cohen’s testimony:

Cohen took the stand Monday and is expected to testify for several days at the trial, in which Trump faces charges of falsifying business records based on reimbursement checks the then-president paid to Cohen in 2017 to cover the lawyer’s payment to Daniels.

Cohen described Trump as a “micromanager” and agreed with prosecutors when they asked if he would “lie” and “bully” people on Trump’s behalf, saying he would do whatever it takes “to accomplish the task, to keep him happy”— also claiming Trump didn’t use email because “he knows too many people who have gone down from using emails that prosecutors can use,” as quoted by MSNBC.

Before Trump announced his candidacy in 2016, he told Cohen to “be prepared, there’s going to be a lot of women coming forward,” Cohen testified, as quoted by NBC News, going on to discuss how Trump and Cohen worked with American Media CEO David Pecker and the National Enquirer to quash negative stories about Trump and attack his rivals—coverage that Trump called “fantastic,” according to Cohen.

Cohen testified he regularly kept in touch with Trump about “catch and kill” schemes in which people with allegations against Trump were paid for their silence, with the ex-lawyer telling Trump about a deal to pay off a doorman in order to get “credit” for “accomplishing the task,” and testifying Trump told Cohen to “make sure” model Karen McDougal’s story about having an affair with Trump “doesn’t get released”—and later said he’d “take care of” the $150,000 payment for her silence.

Jurors heard a recorded conversation between Cohen and Trump—which Cohen testified he recorded without Trump’s knowledge to show Pecker Trump would reimburse the $150,000 paid to Pecker—in which Trump can be heard asking about the “one-fifty” payment and suggesting to “pay with cash,” which Cohen testified was because Trump didn’t want a paper transaction.

Cohen testified he also worked directly with then-Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg—who’s currently in prison for perjury—on the hush money payments, testifying Weisselberg said the $150,000 couldn’t come from a Trump entity because “that kind of defeats the purpose, because the point is not to have the Trump name affiliated to this at all,” according to Politico—leading Cohen to create a shell company to manage the payment.

What do you think?

Is Cohen just spouting off BS during his time on the witness stand?…And, do you think the jury will see through it?..


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