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“I Want To ERASE THEM” Mass Shooting on White Community Prevented, Black ex-Marine Charged

An ex-Marine was stopped from killing as many Whites that he could in a White community.

And he has a rock solid reason for wanting to kill Whites (I’m sure thats what the jury will think.)

“They don’t understand my struggle,” he stated in a 2022 online post.

But then he’s rational for a moment, “the same way I will never understand their struggles.”

Well, that’s true.

You see, it was God who called for the first segregation.

He did?

Yeah, remember Tower of Babel?

He caused the separation of races, and He did this by having them not be able to understand other races (called ‘tribes’ back then).

And this appears to go beyond ‘language’. We normally have a hard time understanding why other tribes do what they do.

The Chinese took a look at the fork and decided to stick with their chopsticks. Why?

We may never understand that mystery. But God designed it that way.

Some tribes spend tens of thousands for a massive 16th birthday while other tribes have a normal birthday party.

So Cobb was spot on with that.

But then after he says “I will never understand their struggles” he continues with “but I don’t care to.”

Okay, so he’s mad at Whites for not understanding his struggle, and that’s reason enough for him to kill us.

But then he admits the same exact thing about him and adds that he doesn’t even want to understand? So then by that logic, don’t we also have the right to erase him?

“I want to erase them. All of them really.. I am going to be sure it is close to an important holiday to their race.

He adds he wants his murder spree to occur close to a holiday for an extra demoralizing effect.

NBC reports:

A former Marine from New Jersey was arrested Friday and accused of threatening to kill white people and carry out a mass shooting, federal prosecutors said Monday.

Joshua Cobb, 23, of Trenton, wrote on social media in December 2022, before he joined the Marines last year: “I want to cause mayhem on the white community” and “I want to erase them,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey said in a statement.

He went on in the Dec. 17, 2022, post to say he wanted to commit a mass shooting in 2023 and: “As of today I have officially began planning my attack,” the office said. It also alleged he said he had obtained two of the four guns he planned to use.

Federal public defenders listed as representing Cobb did not immediately respond to a request for comment Monday.

He mentioned what he called the struggles of young men in America, and he wrote they “have so many obstacles stacked against us we cannot excel no matter how hard we try. Especially those like myself who are BLACK & come from poverty,” and that he wanted to cause bloodshed, the FBI agent said in the affidavit.

Cobb said that he sometimes fantasized about attacking a gym or a grocery store that what he called “rich-a– white people” frequented and that wealthier people “don’t know what it’s like to like be in a bad spot,” the affidavit alleges. He allegedly said, “So my thing was to like bring the pain to them.”

Daniel Concannon, Manchester School District teacher that quit because of DEI, posted:

Just as 2023 Covenant School shooter Audrey Hale was so inspired by America’s anti-White social conditioning that she set out to slaughter as many White children as she could, Black Marine Corps veteran Joshua Cobb also decided to enlist in the War On White People and do his part as an aspiring one-man White Genocide machine.

The only surprise in this story is that the ADL-trained, anti-White FBI a) stopped him, and b) admitted his motive was anti-White hatred

Of course, we’ll get none of the wall-to-wall coverage and performative outrage from the mass media and political class that we’d see if a White Marine was caught planning to “erase all Blacks.”

There will be no candlelight vigil in support of New Jersey’s White community.

No Congressional condemnations of Anti-White hatred.

No White House, Homeland Security, or ADL press conferences to warn against violence inspired by anti-White rhetoric – the very anti-White rhetoric the White House, Homeland Security, and ADL love to spew.

White Privilege™. White Fragility™. White Rage™. White Supremacy™. Whiteness™. Anti-racism™. CRT™. DEI™. The list goes on and on.

The very existence of White people is relentlessly pathologized across every sector of American society.

Government, academia, corporate America, media. From kindergarten to grad school. From Disney movies to the Marine Corps. The message remains the same: White People Bad.

The outcome of convincing everyone that the world would be better off if White people were dead is an ever-increasing number of those who want to kill White people.

White people are the # 1 victims of violent crime committed by both Blacks and Latinos. This isn’t because “there’s more White people than anyone else.” Not only has America’s percentage of White population been in freefall decline since the Kill Whitey Immigration Act of 1965, but the outright number of US Whites is in decline for the first time ever. There are fewer Whites and more everyone else.

Until 2021, Blacks were the the # 1 victims of Black violent crime, and Latinos were the # 1 victims of Latino violent crime. But, after a decades-long institutional anti-White hate campaign – and the official ushering in of anarcho-tyranny in 2020 – White people – more than ever before – are being sought out by non-Whites for victimization.

The conditioning is so strong that many White people turn on themselves. Audrey Hale, after years spent trying to escape her own biological identity, cited “privileged White crackers” as the target of her murder spree in Nashville.

“Privileged White people” are exactly who Black former Marine Joshua Cobb told the FBI were the target of his would-be murder spree in New Jersey.

These anti-White psychos are products of America’s anti-White environment. These genocidal ideas aren’t falling randomly from the sky. These ideas are implanted into the minds of the population by real institutions, real publications, and real people.

Whether it’s your elected representative, your four star general, your college professor, your HR department, Robin DiAngelo, the SPLC, or some sassy 400lb POC on TV, anyone who espouses the slander of ‘White Privilege’ enlists themselves in the War On White People.

There’s no place in Western Civilization for such insurgents.

Even AI is pushing the narrative.

The anti-White narrative that the media complex has been pushing for years has really done an amazing job, hasn’t it?

(Full criminal complaint here:


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