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BREAKING: J6 Officer Endorsed By Nancy Pelosi LOSES Congressional Campaign

Here’s some good news for the day.

Harry Dunn, a former Capitol police officer who became (in)famous following the J6 protests, has LOST his congressional campaign in Maryland.

Check out the breaking news:

Dunn was endorsed by Nancy Pelosi and spent $4.5 MILLION campaigning.

He had made January 6th the focal point of his whole campaign, but in the end was defeated by Democrat Sen. Sarah Elfreth.

From The Post Millennial:

Maryland State Senator Sarah Elfreth (D) emerged victorious in the Democrat primary for Maryland’s 3rd congressional district, as projected by Decision Desk HQ. Among her opponents was former US Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn, who gained notoriety and praise from the corporate media due to his role during Jan. 6.

Elfreth clinched the primary amidst a competitive field on Tuesday.

Recent polling conducted on behalf of Dunn’s campaign indicated a narrow lead for him over Elfreth, within the margin of error. Elfreth’s House campaign has amassed over $1.4 million in fundraising, as per FEC records, although this falls short of Dunn’s $4.5 million. Despite this financial gap, Elfreth is anticipated to smoothly advance to the general election in a district traditionally secure for Democrats, The Hill reports.

Earlier this year, Dunn wrote a breathless CNN op-ed, crying “racism” over Jan 6. “Three years ago, in that same building that filled me with such awe, I was immersed for what felt like countless hours in a profane mix of sweat, screams, shrieks, anger, death, fear, blood, broken limbs, spit, hatred, horror, racism and bigotry.”

Before Congress, Harry Dunn testified that during J6, protestors called him racial slurs and attacked him, forcing him to fight with his bare hands and wind up with “bloody knuckles” from punching so many Trump supporters.

But, there is ZERO evidence to back up any of Dunn’s claims. Of course, if he did indeed lie, this would be perjury…

Still, this hasn’t stopped the media from painting Harry Dunn as a “hero” during the events of January 6th or Biden from awarding him a Congressional Gold Medal.

The Blaze writes:

Dunn is the most lauded police officer who participated in the events of January 6, 2021. He may be the most famous Capitol Police officer in history. Dunn rose to fame almost immediately after the events of that day, when he alleged in media interviews that rioters called him the “N-word” “numerous times.” The corporate press amplified his claims without question.

Unlike other active-duty Capitol Police officers, Dunn seemingly had carte blanche to speak to the media. Dunn’s “N-word” stories began to evolve. Before long, as he told the New York Times, “20, 30, 40, 50 people” had surrounded him chanting racial slurs inside the Capitol Building.

Then came Dunn’s tales of heroism while engaging in hand-to-hand fighting with the “insurrectionists.” In interviews and in his 2023 book, “Standing My Ground: A Capitol Police Officer’s Fight for Accountability and Good Trouble After January 6th,” he claims he was left with “bloody knuckles” by the end of the day because he had to “punch” so many rioters. He also says he was covered in chemical sprays while battling protesters.

Almost none of Dunn’s claims can be corroborated by the video evidence Blaze Media has obtained from Capitol CCTV, police body-worn cameras, and other open-source videos.

Despite a yawning lack of evidence for Dunn’s tales of heroic derring-do, the media continue to repeat his many fabrications as fact. They have ignored Blaze Media’s stories showing Dunn lied to the House January 6 select committee and appeared to perjure himself at two Oathkeeper seditious conspiracy trials. They have accepted at face value Dunn’s timeline of events in his book.

Instead, the former Capitol Police officer who was never promoted above private first class has received a raft of commendations for his supposed heroism on January 6, including a Congressional Gold Medal. Joe Biden even awarded Dunn the Presidential Citizens Medal, the second-highest honor a civilian can get, given to “U.S. citizens who have performed exemplary deeds of service for their country or their fellow citizens.”

Dunn left the Capitol Police on December 15 amid speculation that he planned to run for office. On January 5, he announced his campaign to succeed departing Rep. John Sarbanes in the heavily Democratic district.

News of Dunn’s defeat has many social media users celebrating:

And, apparently, Harry Dunn is not taking his loss well…

What do you think?

Are you glad Dunn is DUNN?


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