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#Blockout2024 – The Digital Guillotine: The Kids Push Back, Popular Trend Has Celebrities Losing Millions of Followers

Oh, this is an ironic tale.

A clear example of the leftist’s plan backfiring.

You see, liberals have been paying for and promoting protests in favor of Palestine.

And millions of kids have chosen that to be the thing they’re passionate about.

Only now the same liberal controlled celebrities that tell the youth what to do are now the target of these protestors BUT it’s spread beyond just them.

Enter #Blockout2024

A digital guillotine.

Digitally cutting off the ‘heads’ of influence.

It’s the popular trend for kids to now block Hollywood celebrities on all their social media accounts.

You know how we’ve been saying for years that the Kardashians are toxic and destroying the youth and spreading feminism?

And we’ve been saying that toxic Hollywood has been a terrible influence on the kids for years?

Well, what happens when those toxic influences are removed?

Prayers answered.

God works in mysterious ways.

Even though this trend may have started for reasons that are controversial, it’s still having the desired effect we’ve longed for:

The kids are saying NO to Hollywood.

This is sort of like alcoholics uniting worldwide, and saying their mad at Bud Light for removing tranny Dylan Mulvaney as a sponsor. And in protest, they’re giving up drinking alcohol from all brands.

“Um…okay. You know, now that I think about it, I full support you. You show Bud Light who’s boss and give up alcohol.”

Whether you agree with their stance about tranny Dylan, you can see that they’ve chosen to free themselves from the bondage of alcohol they were living under and that was destroying their lives.

So too the youth with Hollywood celebrities and social media influencers.

When the Kardashians want to tell their liberal followers who to vote for in November, how wide will their influence be by then?

Independent reports:

An online movement is quietly gathering momentum with calls for social media users to block global celebrities and their businesses in protest against their perceived silence on Israel’s war on Gaza.

There #Blockout2024 or “Chop Chop” movement reflects frustration towards celebrities who followers believe haven’t leveraged their influence and platforms to highlight the humanitarian crisis in the Middle East. According to one TikToker, the goal of the campaign is to “curb specific revenue streams and fame” of such celebrities.

On social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram and X, people are circulating lists of celebrities to unfollow and block, resulting in notable declines in followers, according to Social Blade, a social media analytics site in the US.

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian, for example, has reportedly lost (three million) on Instagram alone due to being sent to this “digital guillotine”, while Taylor Swift has lost some 200,000 followers on the platform.

When did the movement start?

When celebrities from around the world were walking the red carpet at the Met Gala in New York earlier this month, people on social media juxtaposed pictures of the expensively-clad stars with horrifying visuals of death and destruction coming out of Gaza. Some expressed outrage at the display of wealth and luxury at the annual gala while thousands of women and children were being slaughtered in the besiegedenclave.

Some suggested that the juxtaposed images – of celebrities living it up in New York and of Palestinians blockaded, starving and dying – were akin to The Hunger Games, a dystopian world from the novels of Suzanne Collins.

Just another crack in the Matrix as the kids reject Hollywood.

After a few months of them unknowingly detoxing from these celebrities and social media influencers, there’s a very high chance for change.

They will start to think more clearly and more likely to reject some, if not all, of their liberal and far-left beliefs.

My guess is that in a couple of months the trad wives trend will gather more steam and more followers.

Celebrities are losing their stranglehold on the youth.

And that’s always a great reason to celebrate.

A marketer explains how this is more powerful than people realize.

I have a feeling we’re going to see less blue-haired youth in the coming months.



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