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Jack Smith’s Case Completely Derails, President Trump Issues NEW Statement!

Jack Smith’s Christmas hopes have been forever dashed by the recent SCOTUS decision not to expedite the decision on Presidential immunity.

This will make it very hard for Smith to prosecute President Trump or advance his case against the former President before the 2024 elections happen.

The deep state’s plans have been thwarted in a major way—at least for now.

It remains to be seen what Smith and those who put him up to this have up their sleeves, everyone knows that they are clawing tooth and nail to do whatever they can to stop Trump.

Some are even whispering that assassination is on the table, but I doubt this as it would likely trigger a civil war.

The country would become ungovernable, as it would become obvious that the Biden admin and the intel agencies were behind this hypothetical Trump assassination.

In response to Jack Smith’s resounding loss at the hands of the Supreme Court, President Trump issued new statements:

The Epoch Times explained the deeper significance of the recent SCOTUS decision:

If the Supreme Court had agreed to review the presidential immunity defense, it would have established the outcome of President Trump’s motion to dismiss this case based on presidential immunity in the appeals court.

It’s also a defense he has raised in several other cases, including civil cases, albeit unsuccessfully.

Both parties argued the case is of historical significance, citing it as evidence to either expedite or slow down the proceedings.

General Mike Flynn went on the offensive against Jack Smith:

“Jack Smith also does not want anyone digging into his “alleged” International Criminal Court at The Hague extortion racket or his Swiss bank accounts or any other of his nefarious activities while overseas.

This along with being appointed Special Counsel for this unprecedented & historic case against POTUS Donald Trump
should make one ask the question, who holds the reigns over Hack Smith…because it is clear, he’s not smart enough to do this alone.

When accountability comes, there will be many across the USG, as well as others on the outside, that will be brought into the light. Proper use of law will be the norm and not the gross violations we have been or are now experiencing.

Stay steady America as we get ready to head into a year that will require great commitment and determination on everyone’s part. What a time to be alive! God Bless America.”

However, CNN noted that the recent SCOTUS decision isn’t set in stone:

Both sides will still have the option of appealing an eventual ruling by the DC Circuit Court of Appeals up to the high court, but the court’s move is a major victory for Trump, whose strategy of delay in the criminal case included mounting a protracted fight over the immunity question, which must be settled before his case goes to trial.

An expedited review of the issue is already underway at the DC Circuit, which has scheduled oral arguments for January 9. The election subversion trial is currently set to begin in March. 


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