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DeSantis Scores Legal Victory, But Is He A Hero Or A Hypocrite?

Bootsy DeSantis is once again in the headlines, but it isn’t so clear if he is truly the person he presents himself as.

DeSantis has been extremely careful to portray himself as an America First patriot and a warrior against the woke. However, an examination of his actions and policy positions says otherwise.

In 2021, DeSantis signed the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act—a measure meant to keep biological males from competing in women’s sports.

By all accounts, this was a noble position and I stand by it; men should not be competing in female-division sports.

DeSantis faced sharp criticism from the left and widespread efforts to combat the act from progressives, but a federal judge recently upheld DeSantis’ legal measure against men in female sports.

Never Back Down, a pro-DeSantis PAC, recently announced: “A federal judge just upheld Ron DeSantis’ law preventing biological men from competing in women’s sports. Ron DeSantis once again delivers results while everyone else just talks.”

However, a 2022 letter sent to Ashley Brundage, a biological male, for receiving the ‘Florida Commission’s on the Status of Women’s Spirit in the Community Award,’ contradicts DeSantis’ overarching position.

The award itself sounds like a mouthful, and any time you hear such a mouthful you can be sure that it is denoting left-wing DEI BS.

The letter has raised many eyebrows in the conservative community over his at-odds stance on both the transgender issue and the broader DEI framework that encompasses gender ideology.

DeSantis is purportedly fighting against DEI on one hand but giving out BS DEI awards on the other hand. Does DeSantis truly believe in what he litigates and preaches, or is he merely pandering to both sides?

According to Fox News:

Also known as SB 1028, DeSantis said the state law was based off “biology, not based off ideology.”

In a 39-page decision dated Monday, U.S. District Judge Roy Altman, an appointee of former President Trump, determined that the law, which “separates public-school sports teams by biological sex,” does not violate the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution because it is “sex-based classifications are substantially related to the state’s important interest in promoting women’s athletics.”

Political commentator and Catholic populist JoMo noted:

“For well over a year BEFORE receiving the “women’s spirit of the community award” from Gov. DeSantis in June 2022, transgender activist Ashley Brundage organized protests against attempts to ban males from playing in women’s sports, and banning children from receiving “gender affirming care”. One such event was titled the “Rally To Let Kids Play.”

The Palm Beach Post spoke to Brundage regarding the letter from DeSantis:

“Before it was called DEI, it used to just be considered leadership.

The people in charge just learned as much as possible about the people who are different from them so they can work better with them.

Empowering people shouldn’t be threatening to anybody.

As a mom, I just want my kids to be happy. I’m going to be there for them, just as the governor should be there for everybody in Florida.”


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