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Trump’s Self-Prophecy Playing Out Before Our Very Eyes From 30-Years Ago?

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There’s an old clip of Donald Trump from over 30 years ago that I’ve always found fascinating!

I was reminded of it again when Far-Left Twitter user Ed Krassenstein wrote this:


“Neither one of you guys are gay?”

But back to Ed and his original post....

Nice smarmy little comment.

Dumb, if you ask me, but that's what he does to get people all riled up.

But what was most fascinating to me with this response by my friend @Brainstorm_Joe, which I thought was spot on.

He reminded Ed, and the rest of the Internet, that perhaps -- just perhaps -- President Trump is using this all very strategically.

Watch this:

So true!

What a brilliant clip, it's one of my favorites.

You have. to understand the Donald Trump in that clip is wildly successful.

He's popular.

The media loves him.

He's worth many millions.

And what does he say in the midst of this?

He famously says:

"I think I'd like to lose it all for a time period to see who is loyal to me."

You see, when you have it all, EVERYONE wants to be your friend.

And you don't know who is real.

How absolutely prophetic that Donald Trump would say this.

And have we seen it play out?

Most certainly so.

We've still got his back and many others do too, but others have fled.

It appears he got his wish.

Watch the amazing short clip here on Rumble:

More below...

Credit to the "Not Me, Him" channel for finding this old video of a very young Donald Trump.

And to steal an old Mitch Hedberg joke: "every video of me is when I was younger".

But let's get serious because this is a very serious clip and it's amazing how accurate it predicts what's happening today.

You may have heard the quote before but here is the video of him saying it.

Basically, this is a young Donald Trump being asked about his friends and how he knows if they are true friends or not.

Good question when you're worth billions.

How many people TRULY have your back?

Donald answers the question by saying because he himself is extremely loyal to people, he takes it as a grave offense when people are not loyal to him.

And then to directly answer the question he says he'd really love to "lose it all" one day -- temporarily -- just to see who was truly loyal to him.


Could anything more accurately describe the current state of affairs?

Mr. President, let me be the first to say we've had your back since 2015 and we haven't budged one inch!

You've got our FULL SUPPORT and LOYALTY here at WeLoveTrump!

Please enjoy this incredible, prophetic clip where perhaps he didn't even know it but he was prophesying the future.

Don't ever doubt how much this man is being used by God.

A modern day Cyrus.



Backup on Rumble here: about you?



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