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PANIC: Huff Post Writer Begs Dems To Use False A.I. Biden

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So, the Huffington Post’s writer, Kaivan Shroff, suggests that Biden and his campaign team should think about using artificial intelligence.

That way, Americans can get tricked into voting for him.

Seems real democratic, right?

It’s ironic that Shroff says “the stakes” of the election are super high!

And that the “future of democracy” is hanging by a thread.

They love that D word.

Even if they don’t follow it’s ideology.

He even assures us that this isn’t just him being dramatic.

He’s serious about it. He wants the Democratic Party to use A.I. to fool the people.

It’s there in black and white.

There it is.

Openly calling to deceive the American voters.

Zero Hedge reports:

In a bizarre op-ed, Huffington Post writer Kaivan Shroff suggested that the President Joe Biden and his campaign should consider using artificial intelligence to dupe the American people into voting for him.

Shroff began by noting that “the stakes” of the election “cannot be overstated” because the future of democracy “hangs in the balance,” rhetoric which, he assured the reader, “is not hyperbolic.”

It is “the greatest moral and ethical imperative for those who care about American democracy” to defeat former President Donald Trump, he opined.

As a result, the ends justified the means, even if that entailed continuing the campaign’s ongoing efforts to gaslight low-information voters into thinking Biden is fitter and healthier than he is, but with additional assistance from AI to more “effectively reach the voting public.”

It is not entirely clear that the campaign hasn’t already been relying on this tactic in what have appeared to be the president’s more lucid moments on camera.

While admitting that using AI to present a smoother, more well-spoken Biden could be deceptive, Shroff ultimately concluded that such deception would be worthwhile if it led to a Biden victory.

“We must ask the question, are augmented AI videos that present Biden in his best form―while sharing honest and accurate information―really more socially damaging than our information ecosystem’s current realities?” Shroff wrote. “I think not.”

Panic much?


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