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The Rise of Conservatives in France: Marine Le Pen States Muslims Are The Enemy, Mosques To Be Shutdown

Paris - France

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The Left are freaking out that France is rising out of their clutches.

And Marine Le Pen isn’t mincing her words.

She’s going on record, declaring Muslims enemies and will be shipped out and any citizen that sides with them will be punished.

It’s about time!

So naturally the media is trying to come up with numerous hit pieces on her.

I have a feeling that deportations will be happening all over soon, not just here in the U.S.A.

Foreign Affairs fearfully reports the fall of the Left in France:

On June 9, Emmanuel Macron gambled his narrow parliamentary majority by calling a snap election. The president did so minutes after it became clear that France’s far right had won 40 percent of French votes in the European Union parliamentary contest. That outcome, Macron thought, would frighten and mobilize his base to turn out en masse in a new national election. He hoped the result would give him a more comfortable majority in the National Assembly and halt the rise of the National Rally—France’s main far-right party. Macron, who sometimes seems to aim to be a kind of god (he once said he aspired to be “Jupiterian”), may also have enjoyed flexing his constitutional powers at a moment when he was losing his grip on the country. The result was the shortest electoral campaign in France since 1958. Parties and candidates had only three weeks to organize, and voters had to scramble to make sense of the new political landscape.

For Macron, the scheme backfired spectacularly. The president’s centrist alliance won just 21 percent of the vote in the first round, coming in third. It is expected to lose between 155 and 210 of its current seats. But the defeat is far more than just Macron’s. The election’s biggest winner is not some other mainstream political party, but the National Rally, which came in first. After the runoffs, it may control a majority. Macron, then, has put France’s democratic forces and republican ideals in jeopardy.

The National Rally would like voters to think otherwise. The party, led by Marine Le Pen, was founded in 1972 by her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen. But since taking charge in 2011, the younger Le Pen has steadily worked to make her party more palatable. She has pledged to be democratic, walked back her past praise of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

To outsiders, the National Rally’s parliamentary vote share—33 percent—may seem underwhelming. But comparatively, it is remarkably high. The party has never received more than 18.7 percent in a parliamentary election. Its success in this election came amid unusually high turnout: almost 70 percent of French voters took part. The quickly assembled left-wing coalition, the New Popular Front, came in second with 28 percent of the vote. But it has no chance of passing the far right in the second round of the contest. When all is said and done, the far right will likely send between 220 and 290 representatives to the 577-seat National Assembly and may rule the country for the next three years.

The same exact tactics are used in France against those on the Right.

Against those that are patriotic for their own home country.

In the clip below, we see a woman that confesses why she and others are hesitant to admit they support Marine Le Pen.

‘They will be called fascists, and racists.’

You can see that the brainwashing is deep worldwide, because even when she admits what she doesn’t like about the Left, is their pro-immigration policy, she still says she supports. “Cultural enrichment.”

The programming is deep. Cognitive dissonance affects even those on our side.


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