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Incoming CULLING? Govt Spending $200M to TEST COWS for Disease for Bird Flu

Many of us can sense that the Establishment is preparing a big move.

According to the prophets, it will backfire on them.

And it will also be their last and final move.

And November is coming quickly, so these Dems are running out of time to make their move.

So what will it be?

Could it be they planning on pulling ‘Bird Flu’ out of their box of tricks?

The government is ready to deal out nearly $200,000,000 to ‘test’ cows for bird flu.

How much do you want to bet those tests are rigged?

Remember all those faulty covid tests? Even fruit came up as ‘positive’ when tested.

Will this be used as an excuse to kill thousands of cows, chickens and whatever other animal they don’t want us to have for food?

Creating a false food shortage?

Yeah, that sounds like their style.

Don’t believe their fear mongering.

AND don’t think for 1 minute that they don’t have warehouses stored up with food galore for the Establishment.

Think there aren’t whistleblowers that won’t come forward with video to expose it?

FACT: God will supply all of our needs no matter what these psychos plan.

1 in 4, eh? More fear mongering.

Let’s see what they doing about the cows.

NBC News reports:

Federal authorities on Friday pledged nearly $200 million in an attempt to control the spread of bird flu on dairy farms. Some of that money would go directly to farms to help them reduce the spread of the virus, cover veterinary costs and compensate farmers who’ve lost milk because of sick cows.

The money is also intended to encourage testing of both dairy cows and the people who work closely with them — a key step, experts said, in understanding the true scope of bird flu, also known as H5N1, across the U.S.

“Incentives work very well to get a better understanding of epidemiology,” said Katelyn Jetelina, who tracks illnesses for a website called “Your Local Epidemiologist.”

Right now, there is no requirement for dairy cows to be tested unless they’re being moved across state lines, according to a recent federal order. Otherwise, the decision is left to farmers.

So far, only about 80 cows among the 26,000 dairy herds in the U.S. have been tested under the federal order, which went into effect at the end of April, Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said Friday in a media briefing. It was unclear how many of those 80 had tested positive.

As of Friday, 42 herds in nine states — Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Michigan, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Dakota, Ohio and Texas — had been affected by the outbreak.

“Those 42 family farm operations are suffering, and we want to make sure we’re there to provide help and assistance,” Vilsack said.

The USDA will offer $98 million to affected farms over the next four months, which could equate to as much as $28,000 per farm, Vilsack said.

Jetelina called the program “a fantastic step” but “way overdue.” The outbreak among dairy cattle was first announced at the end of March.

Zero tolerance.

Whatever move they pull next…

Whatever their next plan is…

When they demand that you respond in fear to food shortages.

When they demand that you respond in fear to banks collapsing.

When they demand that you respond in fear to death toll counters.

There’s only ONE response to them:

Realize WE have the power.

Does God dwell in them or us?

Rely on God and use the power He’s given us by declaring His promises.

And like Neo in the Matrix, all the bullets of fear will be rendered useless and collapse at our feet.

We are breaking this Matrix.

It’s losing it’s grip on us the more we wake up.

I know that they’re afraid.

They’re afraid of us.

They’re afraid of change.

They’re cornered.

And they will lose.

It is inevitable.


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