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Another Bombshell Clip: Ilhan Omar Unveils True Political Agenda

The media has been running cover for Ilhan Omar after a recent clip was released, showing that she prioritized Somalia.

They stated that it was a mistranslation.

Ok, well guess what?

How about this new clip that was just released.

Try to run cover for that.


She literally admits what her real goals are and where her allegiance lies.

This lady is finished in American politics, thank God!

The Independent reports:

Ilhan Omar prompted Republican outrage and calls for her deportation over a speech in Somali about her country of birth.

But, the trouble with those criticisms is that she didn’t actually say what they are accusing her of saying.

The reaction to the Minnesota congresswoman’s speech, at an event to celebrate a recent election in Puntland, a region of Somalia, was based on a mistranslation of her remarks in a video posted online.

That mistranslation made it appear as though the “Squad” Democrat said that Somalis are “people who know they are Somalians first, Muslims second”.

Far-right US Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene filed a motion to censure Ms Omar over the mistranslated comments, calling her words “treasonous”.

“I urge my colleagues to vote to censure, but I wish I had the votes to expel and deport her,” Ms Greene wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

House Majority Whip Tom Emmer, also from Minnesota, jumped on the remarks and called on Ms Omar to resign.

“Ilhan Omar’s appalling, Somalia-first comments are a slap in the face to the Minnesotans she was elected to serve and a direct violation of her oath of office,” he wrote on X. “She should resign in disgrace.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis also waded into the dispute, commenting on the mistranslation: “Expel from Congress, denaturalize and deport!”

Illhan Omar responded in the article:

“I am deeply embarrassed for Tom, Marjorie, and any of the other fools who are attacking me based on this bunk translation, this is desperate and frankly sad, even for them,” she said.

“The attacks being lobbed against me are not only completely false, they are rooted in xenophobia and Islamophobia. This is a manufactured controversy based on an inaccurate translation taken entirely out of context. I’m no stranger to these types of misinformation campaigns targeting Muslim elected officials.”

Ok, then, Ilhan Omar. Translate this!

Courtsey of EndWokeness on X:

Here are her words in Somali. You can put it into Google Translate to verify the subtitles for yourself:

In jidad keeni wada dhisano Aniga waan ahy gabadh mareykanka laga dhoortay Oo een congresska mareykanka ku jirto laakin waxan ahy gabadh somaliyeed Gabadh idinku jinsi ah gabadh idin ku af ah gabadh idin ku diin ah Oo ah Dee qof iyadoo da yar wadankeeda laga kaxeeyey wili xiiso uu qabto in maalin wadankeeda ay ku noolaato oo dadkeedi wax ay la wadaagto *applasue from crowd Mrka Alhamduliaah waxaan rajeeynaya aniga iyo ilmahayga in aan hade ku barbaariyo iyagana ilmahooda ku barbaariyaan dhulka aan aniga ku dhashey oo aan ku soo korey Taasna hadi ay suurta geeleso waa hada in aan shaqo badan isla qabanaa hadu illahy yidhaado Oo aan ka dhignaa dhul barwaaqadiisa dadka oo dhan ay dareemi karaan oo ay arki karaan oo ay ka wada faaidaysan karaan Mrka Reer Baylo waad mahadsantihiin imanshahaa aan idin nimaadnay bishaarey ii tahy aad iyo aad ayaan ku faraxsanahy waxaana rajeeynaya in aan marar badan idinku soo laabto oo aan wakhti badan idin la qaato Aad iyo aad ayey wakhtiga nagu yaryahy intii aan maanta joogey

Here’s Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene:


Here’s a fun flashback:

Nice earrings.

Africa, eh?

Now, that’s a Representative with the heart of a patriot.

But who is she representing?

Surely not the good folks in Minnesota.


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