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Comedian Bashes Jimmy Kimmel, “Idiot Liberals” For Making Trump A Martyr

Comedian Bill Burr criticized late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and other liberals for the way they’ve covered President Trump.

Burr said “you idiot liberals” are making a martyr out of him by charging him with crimes during an appearance on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Tuesday night.

From Fox News:

“Liberals are so f—ing stupid, the way that they handle Trump,” Burr said. “You should shut up! He’s a narcissist. Neutral energy. Neutral.”

Burr called Trump a “one-hit wonder,” comparing him to the person who wrote “The Twist” but had been resurrected by media fixation on him.

“You idiot liberals wrote him ‘Twist Again’ when you indicted him,” he said. “And now he’s a martyr. He’s coming back, Jimmy. He’s coming back. It’s going to be great for comedy. He’s coming back.”

Burr lamented that Trump and President Biden were the two likely choices for president in the next election, drawing applause after saying he wished for a candidate in their 40s who would have to “live with their decision.”

“With any luck, they’ll both die of natural causes before the election, and maybe you could get somebody that still has something to live for,” Burr said.

Kimmel quipped Burr would get a visit from the Secret Service for his remark, but Burr protested that he specifically hoped it would be a peaceful death.

Kimmel, like much of the liberal late-night circuit, frequently trains fire on Trump and Republicans in his monologues.

Biden’s age has been the source of much consternation for the White House and Democratic insiders as he mounts a bid for another term. Biden turned 81 last month and is already the oldest president in American history. Trump, the current frontrunner on the Republican side, is just four years younger at 77.

Trump predicted Tuesday night that Biden wouldn’t end up being the Democratic nominee.

“I personally don’t think he makes it,” he told Fox News’ Sean Hannity. “I think he’s in bad shape physically.”

Burr poked fun at Trump supporters last month after his wife was seen giving the ex-president the middle finger when he arrived at a UFC event they both attended.

“I love my wife, you know where you stand with [her],” Burr said in an interview. “The guy walked in the arena. Everybody cheered. She gave him the finger. Nobody got arrested. That’s why this country’s great. Everybody expressed themselves. Can we all be adults? I mean, I don’t know about you, but I came here to go to the fights. I didn’t know I was going to the Republican National Convention.”


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