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Brave Girl Makes Woke School Board PANIC With Genius Stunt: ‘This Is America!’

This girl is going places!

Thank you so much to a friend who sent me this link, I thought it was so good I wanted to share with all of you.

This is a short clip of a girl who has obviously been raised by great parents and who knows her Constitution and she knows how to use it!

Watch as she absolutely outclasses an entire school board and has the entire crowd rooting her on.

Every single member of this School Board should resign in shame from what I’ve seen.

Take a look:

Backup here if needed:

Full transcript:

hey y’all and welcome to pitw my name is
Brian and this young lady doesn’t just
drop a nuke she exposes the WL culture
that has consumed her local school
district you’re not going to abide by

your own rules I will take those back
and I will
pass he just said it I don’t think we
should you
too my camera’s on S I don’t need to
reclaim her minutes reclaim her she has
started yet I have not started yet I

reclaimed my time it is my first
amendment right you reset that
time time time reset the time gentlemen
reset the time wrong with you people the
time at the last meeting I sat in
astonishment as superintendent Roberts
tried to Gaslight us regarding public

comments at these meetings he told us
how important it was that everyone
speaking felt listened to by this board
regardless if the board hears things
they disagree with oh the
hypocrisy especially after most of this
board walked out while I was addressing

you at the August meeting then this
board’s lawyer Mr Collins tried to has
set rules regarding the content of
people’s speeches but also claims the
idea wasn’t to censor people news FL Mr
Collins your rules are the very

definition of censorship this girl
absolutely knows how to address a board
just listen to how she’s speaking and
what she is going to say is absolutely
going to blow everyone’s top on that

school board apparently this board is
not familiar with the US Constitution so
I’ve given each of you a
copy please note the First Amendment on

page 21 which clearly states there shall
be no rules abridging freedom of speech
Additionally the people have the right
to air grievances to the government
government so to clarify this to you
board members
a board of education is the governing

body of a school district and therefore
we have the constitutional right to
speak about whatever grievances we
have you can’t limit the content or

direct who we can or cannot talk about
if you don’t want to be embarrassed or
be in the spotlight then resign from

board if you don’t want your family
members to be a topic then they should
refrain from making statements on social
media in regards to people who speak at
these meetings if you don’t want people
to refer to you as groomers and
pedophiles then follow state and federal
laws and remove the sexually graphic
books from your school

libraries appeasing immorality by
claiming acceptance and inclusion is not
a valid argument claiming the books can

be obtained online no it is the First
Amendment right and you have taken my
time so I reclaim that time back let
me iclaim my time back I am going to
continue not a valid argument claiming

that removing the contested books is
Banning them is not a valid argument
there are no valid Arguments for
violating laws or infringing

unconstitutional rights y’all I know
veteran members of Congress that don’t
have a full understanding of the rules
like she does doesn’t have a full
understanding of how to give a great
speech and can make this delivery work
as well as she does this girl is
fantastic and she’s going to end on a
huge high note in just a moment a quote
by Wendy Jade States an environment that

is not safe to disagree in is not an
environment focused on growth it is an
environment focused on
control board members keep in mind that
come the next election parents will have

the control you’ve been exposed
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to regularly schedu programming y’all
just listen to that crowd just go back
and listen to that crowd they are
cheering her on like she has just won an
election they absolutely love her there
and they should because she’s had a long
history of going toe-to-toe with the
school council uh sorry with the Board
of Education and remember she is only 14

now I remember in my uh
I can’t call it homeschool days but we
would have opportunities to get together
and have a little debate class and I’m
not saying I was in her league but I am
saying I know what that looks like it
takes a lot of preparation to get to

this point and she’s only 14 I can
barely deliver a speech that good I’m
30 this and apparently she’s actually a
public school kid uh she realized that
they hate her guts because well she’s
actually very conservative she’s I
believe an Evangelical Christian and
she’s not Evangelical she is still a

right leaning Conservative
Christian and I’ve heard some of her
other speeches she uses perfectly coded
language makes her speeches sound like
she’s protecting people like leftists do
and at the very end just pulls the rug

out from underneath them and exposes the
Ridiculousness the double standards and
the sheer hypocrisy that this school
board has so apparently the head of the
school board I believe his last name is
Roberts makes nearly
$400,000 in one of her other speeches
she has shown him to
be very ineffective at his job because
the best school in the area I think for
middle schoolers according to her speech

um were at a 29% efficiency rate in math
29% this man’s making nearly $400,000
more than senators and
representatives to deliver terrible
results and if the rumors are to be true
with the brand new library that they had

in that District it was a course full of
LGBT books now if you’re an LGBT person
I have no problem with you expressing
sexuality just keep it away from our tax
dollars and our kids let the kids fully
decide later on and they need some help
well guess what there are spaces to help
that but that’s not what’s going on here
what matters is this school board sorry
this uh board of education does not want
her to speak they do not like the fact
that she’s up here making a mockery of
them and showing them the fact that
basically when parents are involved good
parents you’re going to have a

well-educated kid it’s time to start
thinking do we need Public Schools
anymore I’m beginning to think we don’t
and I think this girl is living proof
that not homeschooling is the right way
to go
but there are better ways to educate our

kids and this lady is definitely proof
of that folks my name is Brian hope you
enjoyed the segment here on pitol don’t
forget to like And subscribe catch you
on the next one and until next time
y’all have a good one


MUST SEE: Brave Boy Reads Porno Book Outloud To School Board!

I can’t give this kid enough credit…

Or his father!

This is absolutely a Must-See, although it also comes with a big warning.


This is very graphic.

But that’s kind of the point right?

If I have to give you a warning before even showing you this video, then what the Hell is it doing in a Middle School library?

And just watch that board member in the bottom left of the screen squirm in his seat.

Uncomfortable bud?

Then get this book out of your Middle School library and grow a set of balls (and brain) while you’re at it!

Man, I’m fired up.

Ok, just take a look for yourself:

I can’t give this kid enough praise for the courage it took to get up there and do this.


You have a bright future.

And well done to your parents for raising such a grounded kid!

Sadly, this isn’t the first time we’ve covered something like this.

Oregon School District Votes to Keep Gay Pornographic Book in Library

Salem-Keizer School District in Oregon faced severe criticism after parents discovered that a pornographic book, Gender Queer, was available in the school library.

In response, the school formed a special committee to determine if the book should be removed.

Common sense would tell anyone that a book with explicit, pornographic images should be nowhere near a school library.

This is what’s available for children to read.

WARNING – GRAPHIC IMAGES Found Inside Gender Queer

A woman named Suzanne West was given the task to head the committee.

“West’s job description reads: “Crafting and developing strategies that support the district’s movement to become a more anti-racist and anti-oppressive school system,” Libs of TikTok noted.

You’ll probably guess what happened next.

The committee voted last week to keep the book.

Libs of TikTok reported:

It’s no surprise that parents have been outraged at the committee’s decision to keep this pornographic book available for their children. We obtained a copy of an email Suzanne West sent to one concerned parent. The email provided official statements from committee members regarding their decision and they are so unbelievably insane, you have to read them yourself:

  • “The book will be necessary to keep in schools, to help be more inclusive and allow all students from the LGBTQ+ community to have a resource to refer to. In addition, the pages taken out of context do not represent the intention of the book and only served as an illustration to help provide understanding of what the author was trying to portray in their book.”
  • “The book expands on sexual orientation and gender identity which are both topics touched on in wellness.”
  • “It being a graphic novel makes the book more accessible to a variety of readers.”
  • The book “has won a large number of teen-specific literary awards and is an ‘Own Voices’ text for a marginalized community. Inclusion in the library of the three high schools meets the district’s goal for more inclusive and diverse materials.”
  • “This graphic novel is very well done from a literary standpoint. It is an excellent example of a memoir, it includes many visual metaphors, it promotes literacy and accessibility through the graphic format, and it has modern language suitable to our students today.”
  • A “well written/illustrated text; important insight regarding gender identity.”

“We think kids need to read about vibrators, blowjobs, masturbation, and chest binders for ultimate inclusion and a show of diversity,” is what the statement should’ve read. Instead, they mask the graphic nature of the book under the veil of “inclusivity” and accuse concerned parents of taking the book out of context. In what context is a photo of someone receiving oral sex okay to show children?

Libs of TikTok has documented alarmed parents across the nation who have shown up to local school board meetings to try and have the book removed.

One school board even cut off a mother attempting to read the book.

Ironically, the book is too “obscene” for a school board meeting but apparently okay to place inside the school library where children have access.


Communist school boards are infecting children’s minds with pornographic material and masking it under the guise of “inclusive” to label parents as transphobic, homophobic, and hateful.

The only solution is voting out these school board members or removing children from the school system.

In my personal opinion, I prefer the latter.


HUNDREDS of Muslim Parents in Dearborn, Michigan SHUT DOWN School Board Meeting Over Pornographic Books

There’s a disgusting phenomenon occurring in schools throughout the United States.

Many local school boards and administrators are pushing pornographic books in school libraries.

Read a few prior reports on this disturbing trend:

Parents around the country were shocked and outraged when they became aware of the illegal pornographic books their local schools are pushing on kids in the student libraries.

One book that was found in several libraries is titled, Gender Queer: A Memoir by Maia Kobabe.

The Gateway Pundit explained:

The book is a graphic novel with drawings that explains in lurid detail the sexual interactions between two young men, has been inserted into high school libraries across America, despite it violating guidelines against pornography or sexually explicit materials being provided to minors and paid for with our tax dollars.

Gender Queer includes countless images of male-on-male sexual encounters, accompanied by words that one would expect to find inside literary works at adult porn shops or gay sex clubs and bathhouses. Even so, this book was purchased and pushed by school officials around the country, despite it clearly violating county guidelines.

Here are a couple of pages from the book. Most Americans did not realize this is a PICTURE book with explicit drawings.




These are two pages from the book.

How is this legal?

How is graphic content like this placed in a school library?

It’s complete insanity!

“This week Muslim parents shut down a school board meeting over the porn books in their child’s schools,” The Gateway Pundit stated.


Detroit Free Press reported:

Hundreds of protesters packed a Dearborn Public Schools board meeting this week and shut it down with cries of anger over certain LGBTQ books they said are too sexually explicit for children. And now, some community leaders anxiously await a rescheduled meeting set for Thursday night as others call for calm.

A heavy police presence failed to prevent the Monday night meeting from descending into chaos as demonstrators took it over and then various factions within them jostled for control, shouting at each other. Protesters often ignored the requests of police officers to stop interrupting board members.

It was unclear who was in control of the meeting at times. Most of the crowd appeared to be in opposition to the books, but there were also a number of people with the the American Federation of Teachers union who showed up to support inclusion of LGBTQ people and others.

Not until Dearborn Police Chief Issa Shahin arrived later did the protesters stop their agitation. Shahin pleaded with the crowd to relax and not embarrass Dearborn. There was concern expressed by some community leaders that the protesters are making the city and its Arab American Muslim population look bad. But others said that as Muslims, they have to stand up for their faith.

“The eyes of the nation are on us. … So please, calm down, let’s have respect for each other,” Shahin told the crowd at about 9:10 pm. “We can have a spirited debate, but we can’t conduct ourselves this way, guys, we just can’t. We’re better than this. Dearborn is better than this. This community is better than this. We’re brothers and sisters regardless of race, ethnicity, religion.”

Shahin said the board suspended the meeting and would reschedule it for Thursday evening at Fordson High School in order to accommodate a larger crowd.

“Vote them out!” the crowd repeatedly chanted during the raucous meeting inside an administrative center where the board holds its public meetings. The room was packed tightly, with many using an overflow room and others standing in the back and on the sides. Several held up signs with anti-gay rhetoric in English and Arabic, making religious references to assert that LGBTQ educational materials and books should not be available in Dearborn Public Schools, the third largest school district in Michigan. Some of the placards held up read: “Keep your porno books to yourself,” “Homosexuality Big Sin,” and “If democracy matters, we’re the majority.”

Read the full story at Detroit Free Press.


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