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Gavin Newsom Claims City “Banned Being Gay In Public”

California Gov. Gavin Newsom claimed a Tennessee city “banned being gay in public.”

“A city in Tennessee has banned being gay in public. This is just the beginning. We have to call this out,” Newsom said Thursday.

However, it’s a complete lie.

The ordinance bans “indecent exposure, public indecency, lewd behavior, nudity or sexual conduct.”

It applies to everyone.

X Community Notes fact checked Newsom’s comments.

“The linked article refers to an ordinance passed in June 2023. This ordinance prohibits ‘Sexual conduct’ as defined in the city code. At the time the city code did include ‘homosexuality’ in this definition. However, in November 2023 ‘homosexuality’ was removed,” the Community Note read.

Social media users blasted the California governor for spreading the lie.

“No Gavin, they actually recently ended a 70 year old ordinance that banned public homosexuality but they passed a ban on indecent exposure, nudity, public indecency, lewd behavior and sexual conduct. This ban came after my wife and I exposed a public pride event where drag queens simulated sex for kids and lamented their ‘tits falling out,'” Robby Starbuck explained.

“The ban applies for all sexual orientations. What’s telling is that you consider a ban on all indecency, nudity and sexual conduct to be a ban on being gay. Says a lot about you. We’re proud to have helped make this new ordinance a reality,” he continued.

“Gavin Newsom thinks being gay means exposing yourself in public,” Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon said.

Read additional reactions:

The Daily Wire reports:

The ordinance passed in June stated:

This ordinance shall be implemented and interpreted to promote public decency and maintain a family-friendly environment in public places and protect against potential harm to minors from public expressions that appeal to prurient interests and are patently offensive to prevailing standards in the adult community as a whole with respect to what is suitable material for minors.

“No person shall knowingly while in a public space engage in indecent behavior, display, distribute, or broadcast indecent material, conduct indecent events, or facilitate any of the foregoing prohibited acts, or otherwise subject minors to a prurient interest or to behaviors, materials, or events that are patently offensive to prevailing standards in the adult community as a whole with respect to what is suitable material for minors,” it added.

“The ordinance Newsom was referring to was passed by the Murfreesboro City Council in June and amended in October to eliminate the term ‘homosexuality’ from the code’s definition banning inappropriate sexual conduct,” the outlet noted.


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