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Christian Family Horrified After Meet-And-Greet With Transgender Evil Queen At Disney World

A Christian family recently took their daughter to Disney World for a character meet-and-greet dinner, which they spent $300 on, in order to meet the evil queen Maleficent from Disney’s Snow White.

The event ended up being more than they had bargained for once the father realized that the character was being played by a drag queen.

When the father complained to the waiter about the incident, he was directed to a manager, who informed him that Disney character castings have been “gender neutral” since 2021.

So, let’s get this straight (no pun intended)…

A character often referred to as the “evil queen” is being played by a transgender biological male…

There’s a certain level of accidental self-awareness there…

The Gateway Pundit has the latest from Disney and their propagandistic ways:

A transgender biological male is playing Snow White’s Evil Queen at Walt Disney World Resort’s Wilderness Lodge in Florida.

One family who went and filmed the character said they had paid $300 for a meet-and-greet photo opportunity after their themed dinner at Story Book Dining at Artist Point — only to be greeted by what the father referred to as a drag queen.

The father spoke to the Disney news site That Park Place, which broke the news that a man is playing a female character.

The upset parent explained, “While we were waiting for the desserts to come out we received our invitation to meet the Evil Queen which we were really looking forward to. Keep in mind we’ve had other meet and greets with other Villains and they are truly the best character experiences that we’ve ever had so we had high hopes for the Evil Queen leading up.”

How would you feel if you took your young children to a meet-and-greet and then saw this person?

Here’s more on the family’s unexpected encounter from the Post Millennial:

A conservative Christian family spent $300 on a character meet and greet dinner for their daughter at Disney World and were shocked when the Evil Queen was played by a man. When the father of the family spoke to a manager at Disney about the casting choice, he learned that the man was actually transgender.

The manager reportedly told the father that the Evil Queen was being played by a woman who “was so excited to get the role.” When he pressed, and wanted to know if the individual was a biological male, the manager told him he “could not answer that question.”

Disney went gender neutral in 2021 when they removed “all gender references” from guidelines for casting. The goal was to “improve inclusivity at the park.” After that, visitors to Disney were faced with men playing women’s parts, such as an instance where the role of Fairy Godmother’s Apprentice was played by a male.

“A family has reached out to That Park Place claiming they spent over $300 on a character meet and greet dinner at Walt Disney World… only to discover the Evil Queen character was almost certainly a biological male,” said Walt Disney World Pro., which shared the video. “This represents the first time we’ve heard of Disney using a biological male to play an iconic biological female face character in the parks.”

Disney’s excuse is they have gone “gender neutral.”

On one hand, anyone who hasn’t been living under a bridge for the last several years should probably know better than to expose their children to anything from Disney.

However, a hard working American father who spends his time making money in order to provide a fun family experience for his children may not know of the horror that Disney has become.

For that reason alone, keep spreading the word, because this kind of thing has become prevalant at Disney:



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