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FOUND: Kim Clement’s Esther Prophecy!

This is only a short 5 minute video but it’s so very powerful!

This is the one-and-only Kim Clement from 2011.

It’s so fun to look back on these and see just how accurate they were …. and how many parts are still yet to play out!

It’s titled the Esther Prophecy and that’s certainly in there, but the part that jumped out at me was him describing President Trump to a T!

I see a President to come who will have absolutely NO FEAR

He will be decisive

He will make decisions

Then the part about Esther:

In the middle of the restoration of America, a woman shall rise up

Strong in faith, virtuous


Big round beautiful eyes

I think we certainly saw the first part in Trump but I don’t believe we’ve seen the Esther yet.

But we have candidates….

It sounds like Kari Lake to me.

What do you think?

Watch here, it’s incredible:

If you want more, keep reading….

Kim Clement Knew In 2014!

Kim Clement is considered by most to be the most accurate prophet of the 21st century.

The gold standard.

And this is why…

If you’ve followed Kim before, you are probably familiar with many of his most famous prophecies but a funny thing happens as time goes on.

As new world events unfold, you go back and listen to one of Kim’s prophecies and suddenly you see even more dots connecting.

Things you previously hadn’t quite figured out now make perfect sense.

Like this one from February 2014.

In this, he has Russia and Ukraine both mentioned (quite a feat back in 2014).

He also covers the breaking news of the day today with the abortion overturn at the Supreme Court.

It’s all in there.

Listen again…


More here:

Kim Clement’s TWO PRESIDENTS Prophecy

Most agree that the GOLD standard of prophets in modern times is Kim Clement.

Sadly, he’s no longer with us.

But many of the prophecies he gave seem to be playing out in realtime right now, years after he gave them.

I wanted to focus right now on his Two Presidents prophecy.

How could something like that ever happen?

Except it happened once in the Bible with David and Saul and it’s happening again right now with Trump and Biden.

Thanks to a reader for sending me this amazing video from Donné Clement Petruska, Kim’s daughter:

Backup here on Rumble:

And now let’s dig in to much more…..

NOBODY breaks these down like Trey Smith.

This may be THE single best video Trey Smith has ever produced.

There is so much in here.

It starts off with Kim Clement’s prophecy about Two Presidents.

Yes, we’ve heard that one before, but Trey unpacks stuff in there that I had never even noticed!

It’s a prophecy clearly for right now.

Then he goes into a prophecy about how there would be “pandemonium in the White House”….sound familiar to right now?

Does it look like there are people in there right now who have no idea what they are doing?


Then he covers David and Goliath and the Robinhood story that just broke this week.

Then in the second half Trey covers two big prophecy videos from Kim Clement that I have NEVER seen before.

I think he got them direct from Kim’s daughter Donne.

These go into the delay we are experiencing right now….it’s all in there!

It talks about how Trump would go away for a period of time, oh yes!

And how people will even say “this man is not speaking enough”.  (yes, we’ve heard that part before, but really fits for right now, doesn’t it?)

Then he goes into the second one which is all all Spring and Fall and it is just wild is all I can say.

Then he covers the famous Kim Clement prophecy about another Snowden arising with “highly embarrassing information”, but here’s the wild part….based on everything Kim said right before that and what comes right after it (the second impeachment) it sure seems like that is the next thing to happen any minute now on God’s prophetic clock.

And is that the Miracle Red Sea Moment we have all been waiting for?

Is that the thing that breaks all of this wide open?

I don’t want to keep talking, I want you to watch this direct from Trey.

From here on out, we’re posting the Rumble links first and the YouTube links second as a backup.

So please enjoy this one direct from Rumble:

And a backup from YouScared:


I thought the last comment there was really interesting…

There is SOMETHING up with Elon.

Of course we all know the man isn’t “normal”, but I do have a feeling he somehow plays into all this when all is said and done.

And I am hoping it’s for the right side.

Come on Elon, ready to go down in history as a legend?

Ok, I’d love to hear what you think about this….comment below!

And here’s even a bit more:

Even Mark Taylor recently was talking about it:

Well, I thought it was important now to really dig in and examine what Kim Clement said.

And I found these excellent videos I’ve put together all in one place and saved to Rumble.

Please watch these:


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