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REVEALED: New Audio Reveals Secret Service Agent 911 Call During Obama Chef Drowning

We have a major update to the Obama Chef Drowning story….

This story has not made any sense since Day 1, and it’s even more confusing now.

According to Benny Johnson, a new 5-minute audio has been released revealing what was said on the 911 call during the drowning of the Obama chef.

Very strange.

For example, the first 30 seconds, the guy on the call says, quote: “we have a male drowning in the back of the property right now.”


I’m sorry but I think that’s just an extremely strange way to phrase it.

What about you?

It only gets weirder from there.

Listen for yourself:

One of my other immediate thoughts was exactly what Dawn Marie says:

And also this:

That’s the Secret Service?


Sounds like a pimply teenager!

Also, does the Secret Service just call 911?

Seems odd.

You’d think they have different connections?

A few days ago, we also learned more from the Medical Examiner report, which you can read below:

Update On Drowning Of Obama’s Chef

Remember when the Obama’s Chef drowned mysteriously under very strange circumstance?

And then the story just kind of went away?

We haven’t forgotten.

And neither has Dom Lucre, who has been doing some truly excellent work over on X.

He recently made this find from the Medical Examiner:


🔥🚨DEVELOPING: The Obamas Chef Tafari Campbell’s autopsy conducted by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner of Massachusetts, Campbell’s cause of death was ruled to be the result of “submersion in a body of water.”

“Submersion refers to cases where only part of the body is in the water, whereas immersion refers to the whole body being under water.”

Ok, so to put that in laymans terms if I am understanding correctly….”immersion” would be traditional fell in water, sunk and drowned.

Meanwhile, “submersion” might be what you would think of if someone held your head under water against your will?

Lucre reports more oddities here:


🔥DEVELOPING: The Edgartown Police Department handed the investigation of the Obama’s chef Tafari Campbell to Massachusetts State Police and The Cape and Islands District Attorney’s Office immediately after the chef’s body was found.

The reporting and approving officer also didn’t sign off on the police report. Edgartown Police Department used a search and dive team, police dispatch, search boats, a search helicopter until fuel was ran out, Oaks Bluffs Fire, and sonar to find the body of Tafari so why were they so eager to hand the case off?

It is worth questioning why so many resources were used to locate the body of a man that was simply paddle boarding and fell over, I would have expected the body to attempt to float.

The DA of Cape and Islands is Robert Joseph Galibois, a Democrat who investigated Ron DeSantis the same month he was elected and it was his first action as District Attorney for the immigrant flight to Martha’s Vineyard. Galibois is also member of the Democratic Town Committee.

Lastly, why is the witness blacked out?


Judicial Watch is on the case too….

Here’s Tom Fitton:

Here is more from our prior reporting:

Mystery Surrounding Obama’s Chef Deepens…

Riddle me this. …

How does a physically fit, fairly young man die by drowning in a pond? Moreover, how is that same man found without a lifejacket, in a different location from his clothing, beneath the water?

Bodies tend to float when in water for a time unless deliberate measures are taken to sink the body beneath the surface of the water. …

Yet a recent report obtained by Judicial Watch alleges that this was the condition in which Tafari Campbell’s body was found by law enforcement.

According to that report, Campbell, who was Barack Obama’s personal chef, was found by sonar, in a separate location from his clothing. …

I guess the drowning man had time to take his clothing off as he was drowning. … No one seemed to buy the report or the official narrative of the story:

Judicial Watch dissected and analyzed the report which confirmed:

Public Records Law from the Edgarton, MA, Police Department that show the Secret Service reported Obama’s Personal Chef Tafari Campbell missing and that the body was found using sonar.

The records also report that clothing was found separate from the body and that he was not wearing a life vest.

Several other important details were redacted regarding the July 23, 2023, drowning on Martha’s Vinyard.

The Trump Train asked readers: “Do you think the local police should release the audio recordings of the 911 call made from Obama’s home regarding Tafari Campbell’s mysterious “drowning”?

If it was anyone else besides the Obamas, every detail of the investigation would be on the news. The people deserve answers. What do you think? Do you want the recordings released? Comment with your thoughts below.”

Travis In Flint voiced similar questions: “With the new autopsy report on Tafari Campbell, I have more questions than answers. Why was he struggling to stay above water in a shallow lake when he’s a great swimmer? Who was with him on the second paddle board? Why did the police let members of the family leave the island before they investigated?”


According to ABC News 7, Campbell’s death has officially been ruled as an accident:

The drowning death of a former White House chef who was working for the Obama family has been ruled an accident, a spokesperson with the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security said.


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