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Donald Trump In 1980: “Because I Think It’s A Very Mean Life”

When you go back in time and look at almost any politician’s old video clips, you notice they have often flip-flopped their positions back and forth multiple times.

But not Trump.

Which makes sense because he’s not a politician.

He’s a businessman.

He gets S-H-I-T done.

He doesn’t have time for games or for adjusting his sails to what the polls of the day say.

He trusts his gut.

He trusts his intuition.

He trusts his internal moral compass (which by the way comes from God).

It’s actually much easier to lead a life like that.

A life of integrity.

A life of character.

So sometimes I like to go back and watch these old videos and I’m struck by how much he hasn’t changed at all.

I’m also struck by how strong and confident he sounds.

But this one in particular really caught my eye….

When asked if he would ever run for office, and if not why not, he gives perhaps his most prophetic answer ever.


“Because I think that would be a very hard and mean life.”

Wow, so true.

So much insight.

Think about it….

The man had it all.

He had the money (estimated $10 billion)….

He had the beautiful wife….

The great kids….

He had the successful businesses and trophy real estate owned all over the world.

Why give that up and make yourself Public Enemy #1 of the MSM and the Deep State?

Why do it?

You only do it if you know you’re quite literally one of the last people that can step in and save this country for being destroyed from the inside.

Let that really sink in.

What this man did, and is still doing, will go down in history in a bigger way than any of us currently even realize.

Watch this on Rumble:

And if you liked that, check this one out.

Here is Trump on Oprah, 1988:

And with Donahue in 1987….

Take a look:

Here’s what’s even better than that interview…..the top 9 comments on YouTube!

This has not been Photoshopped or edited in any way, I simply took a screen grab of the top 9 comments and ALL NINE are pro-Trump!

Yeah…..tell me again how “unpopular” he is!  What a joke!

Read these comments:

I could have added dozens more, you can go read them yourself if you want!


Now here’s another one, Dan Rather interviewing Donald and Melania in 1999:

And I couldn’t leave out Dave.

I know Dave has gone hopelessly Left-wing, but there was a time when there was NO ONE BETTER on TV than Letterman.  He was the gold standard because actually much like Trump he didn’t care what you thought and would speak his mind directly to his guests.

So here is Trump going mano a mano with Letterman in 1986:

He’s a true legend!

Stay strong Mr. President….you had our back, now we’ve got yours!


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