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WATCH: The Cahill Abduction, Fact Or Fiction?

In 1993, Kelly Cahill, an ordinary resident of Australia, experienced the extraordinary and otherworldly.

On a warm August night, Cahill and her husband were driving back home from a friend’s house when they saw something that appeared to be a blimp.

However, as they got closer they quickly discovered that the object was unlike anything they had ever seen before.

Cahill described seeing a circular object with a series of round, backlit windows, in a line that was approximately the length of an Olympic swimming pool and roughly 2-3 stories in height. Cahill sketched these images:

After observing the UFO for a short time, Cahill says that it sped off at a high rate of speed and was no longer visible to her and her husband.

The couple continued driving down the road for a couple of kilometers when they witnessed the craft again, this time at closer range and stationary.

Immediately, Kelly and her husband pulled off of the road to get a better look at the strange craft; several other cars had also pulled off and people were gathered outside to witness the extraordinary event.

It was then that a beam of light came down from the craft and a large group of what Cahill described as being 7-8 ft tall, shadowy entities appeared.

Cahill described the beings as being so black that they appeared to be comprised of missing matter—similar to a black hole.

Shocked and somewhat terrified by what they were witnessing, Cahill and her husband stood frozen and looked on.

Suddenly, the beings’ eyes began to glow bright red, as they began floating toward the crowd of individuals gathered, according to Cahill.

As the beings approached, Kelly described feeling a low-level frequency in her body and then a stunning force that struck her in the stomach—one of the last things she vividly remembers from the encounter.

Both Kelly and her husband later woke up in their vehicle feeling strange and realizing that they had experienced missing time, roughly 1 hour had elapsed.

However, this would prove to be only the first oddity the couple noticed following the highly strange encounter.

Mrs. Cahill says she later found a triangle-shaped burn mark or laser etching on her navel and began experiencing gynecological problems in the days following her UFO encounter.

After 3 weeks of severe symptoms, she was placed on medication for an infection in her womb—something that doctors found to be inexplicable.

Kelly wasn’t the only one experiencing these symptoms either. According to Cahill, the other women in the group had similar triangle markings and also experienced severe gynecological problems.

Additionally, some members of the group had what Kelly Cahill described as ligature marks around their ankles.

In the weeks and months that followed the incredibly strange event, an analysis was conducted of the alleged site. Strange marks were found on the ground where the craft had been, and a carcinogenic residue was left behind.

None of the individuals who experienced this startling event were ever given any answers regarding what they all encountered on that day, and, ultimately have been left wondering what it is they experienced and why.

Kelly Cahill detailed her encounter in this 1993 interview:

The Sydney Morning Herald provided this quote from Mrs. Cahill:

“I know that my story sounds ridiculous, but that’s what happened.

And there there is physical evidence out there, there were marks out on the field, there were marks on our body, something went on.”

YouTube channels ‘Bedtime Stories’ and ‘Mr. Davis’ provided their own presentations of Cahill’s account and dissected her extraordinary claims.

60 Minutes Australia presented several accounts of people claiming to be alien abductees, as well as excerpts of Harvard psychologist John Mack discussing the phenomenon.

John Mack was widely considered to have been the leading researcher on human abduction experiences, until his untimely death at the hands of a drunk driver in 2004.

Indy featured this claim from Temple University professor Dr. David Jacobs, who believes that extraterrestrials are abducting human beings for an unknown purpose:

“We have spread around the world and conquered as much as we can…we don’t know whether this is true of other beings or not, but it certainly is true of what humans have done.

“My best guess – and this is a guess – is that yeah, they’re doing the same thing.

“This is what they do just like us.”


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