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New UFO Photos and Videos to be Declassified by Pentagon

Just when news of aliens begins to die down.

The Pentagon released a new website where they will start posting declassified UFO photos and videos.

I’m not sure what to believe.

Fox News has more on the story:

The Pentagon on Thursday announced the launch of a new website with the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), which will provide the public with declassified information about UFOs, or what the government calls unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAPs).

Pentagon spokesman Brig. Gen. Patrick Ryder said at a press briefing that the new website will provide the public with information including videos and photos associated with resolved UAP cases as they are declassified and approved for public release.

Other information the general said would be available includes reports, trends and a frequently asked questions section, as well as links to official reports, transcripts, press releases and other resources the public may find useful.

“The department is committed to transparency with the American people on AARO’s work on UAPs,” Ryder said.

He added that the site will serve as a “one-stop” shop for information that is publicly available, and AARO will regularly update the website with its most recent findings when new information is cleared for the public to view.

The new website can be accessed at

I’ll be checking out this new website.

Who knows.

Maybe it’s advanced government tech.

Or maybe there truly is aliens.

The Hill has more on the story:

The AARO website will allow the public to review photos and videos of UAPs as they are declassified and will publish reports, press releases and a “frequently asked questions” section about the phenomena.

Users can also find available aircraft, balloon and satellite tracking sites on the page.

In the fall, AARO intends to create a contact form for former U.S. government employees or others with knowledge of federal government programs to easily submit a report if they have relevant information related to UAPs.

Since its inception in 2022, AARO has investigated about 800 UAPs. Some of the phenomena have innocuous explanations, but many others remain mysterious and unexplained.

UAP interest grew this year after former intelligence official David Grusch claimed the Pentagon is covering up evidence related to extraterrestrial craft and lifeforms. Grusch was unable to provide evidence at a House hearing this summer.

I’m curious to know what you guys think done in the comments.

Do you think aliens have come to Earth?


Is it just more top-secret government technology?


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