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WATCH: “They’re Our Birds” Army Veteran Makes Startling Claim About Deep Black Projects

Earlier this year, Dr. Steven Greer hosted a UFO symposium to discuss everything from clandestine military black projects to extraterrestrials.

He featured a panel of military and military contractor witnesses who shared their first-hand accounts of startling technologies that are currently unknown to the public and purportedly don’t exist.

One of these whistleblowers is Army veteran Michael Digna Jr., who claims to have witnessed several exotic aircraft on a live-fire testing range.

Digna described a large, silent, floating V-shaped craft with holographic lighting that he theorized could, have potentially, been projecting the image of a second, smaller craft he was also observing—presumably as a decoy.

He explained that he was unable to confirm if there were 2 aircraft or only one projecting the image of another.

He witnessed this while in the company of two Raytheon personnel.

According to Digna, the personnel were not at all shocked to see this craft—they were familiar with it.

Additionally, Digna claimed that he and his ex-wife had a close encounter with a stationary, octagonal craft mere weeks following his initial sighting on the military base.

Here’s his full testimony from Dr. Greer’s UFO symposium:

News Nation reports:

Former officials alleged that defense contractors are doing the work of covering up UFOs — along with the federal government.

NewsNation reached out to the largest defense contractors in the country, including Raytheon, Boeing, General Dynamics, and Northrop Grumman. They have not responded to a request to comment.

“Questions about UAPs are best addressed by the U.S. government,” a Lockheed Martin spokesperson told NewsNation.

You can watch Dr. Steven Greer’s full, 3-hour symposium on UFOs, hidden technology, the military-industrial complex, and black military projects below:

Dr. Greer also sat down to talk to retired Navy SEAL Shawn Ryan on an episode of The Shawn Ryan Show to discuss exotic, suppressed technologies.

Space.Com reports that senior Department of Defense officials had this to say regarding UFOs:

Bray and Moultrie said there is nothing so far in the reports that suggest anything is outside of terrestrial origins, noting that astrobiologists are among their consultants to preclude extraterrestrial life.

Further, relationships with other U.S. military organizations do confirm these are not reports of classified American aircraft.


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