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WATCH: UFOs And Human Trafficking: One Marine’s Terrifying Account

In 2009, 20-year-old Marine Micheal Herrera was dropped in Indonesia for a humanitarian mission that was anything but routine. …

Devastated by a 7.3 magnitude earthquake, and the ensuing tsunami, the city of Sumatra, Indonesia was desperate for aid and supplies, and the 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines, Echo Co. 2nd Platoon answered the call.

Micheal Herrera, then a member of the 2nd Battalion, was enthusiastic and excited about finally seeing some action and being able to perform his job in the field.

The Marine unit, consisting of 6 men, was dropped by helicopter in a clearing located in the Northeastern sector of the city and was instructed to take positions on a 900-ft elevation to provide security for an incoming supply drop.

Once Herrera and the other Marines took their positions atop the ridge they spotted something odd floating in the distance that ‘stuck out like a sore thumb,’ according to Herrera.

Curious and somewhat alarmed by what they noticed, the Marines moved closer to the mysterious object to investigate and gather intel. …

After a short walk to the strange object, the men stumbled upon what can only be described as other-worldly. …

Herrera describes seeing a black and silver, octagonal craft that shifted between the aforementioned colors and contained what he referred to as ‘Vantablack’ panels on some of the sides.

The craft was floating about 10 ft off of the ground and featured a stationary platform that sat on the ground, while the octagonal UFO floated above the platform, hovering. According to Herrera, this object spanned the size of a football field.

Speechless, the shocked Marines barely had time to react before being ambushed by a group of unmarked, clandestine paramilitary forces.

The group of armed men, dressed in all black clothing, and speaking in American dialects, quickly apprehended the 6 Marines and held them at gunpoint while frantically questioning them.

Herrera claims that the men asked the Marines who they were, what they were doing there, and forced them to disarm while checking their military IDs with state-of-the-art database technology. …

During the entire interaction, Herrera reports being tacitly threatened by the clandestine paramilitary unit, with some of the men dressed in all black continually asking if they should “just smoke these guys right now.” …

After presumably identifying all 6 men in the Marine unit and clearing them, the mysterious men guarding the black, octagonal UFO removed the Marine’s magazines and gave them back their weapons while preparing them for the march back up the hill.

While all of this was going on, Herrera says that he noticed several pickup trucks and what appeared to be a vehicle with a large tank affixed to the truck bed.

According to Herrera, the unmarked military unit was dropping off weapons, boxes, and what he was later informed were trafficked human beings.

Although Herrera was never able to personally confirm the allegations of human trafficking, he was later told by an unnamed source that the truck with the affixed tank was a vehicle commonly used to transport human beings. …

Before the Marines were marched back up the hill, Herrera witnessed the craft come down to meet with and merge with the platform that was previously stationary on the ground.

Once the two pieces came together and locked, the craft began to ascend slowly while flashing a multi-color light display.

Once the craft was above the tree line, it shot off at such a high rate of speed that it appeared as if it was a ‘blur’ to Herrera and his fellow Marines—like a bullet out of a gun.

Herrera also made sure to note that no sonic boom ever occurred, in fact, no disturbance of the air or the surrounding atmosphere was observed.

According to the former Marine, he could see coconuts on the trees surrounding the craft’s launch area. None of them moved or were disturbed in the slightest.

Following the departure of the mysterious octagonal UFO, the Marines were escorted back up the hill by the paramilitary forces and instructed not to look back. …

The 6 men, knowing they were outgunned and potentially facing dozens of other paramilitary forces scattered throughout the jungle, complied and headed back to base.

Herrera explained that he had taken several photos of the black UFO; however, upon returning to base for debriefing, Herrera and his team discovered that their equipment was rummaged through and their storage-capable electronics were confiscated. …

The former Marine was then told to report to a superior officer and was met by what he described as an unnamed, unmarked senior military official whom he presumed to be an admiral or an Air Force colonel.

This unidentifiable military official then forced Herrera to sign a non-disclosure agreement about what he witnessed and warned Herrera never to talk about the incident, lest he end up in prison or dead. …

Herrera signed the NDA and held his silence until the recent whistleblower protections were enacted by Congress.

Although the recent whistleblower protections have provided cover for Herrera and emboldened a slew of UFO whistleblowers and first-hand witnesses to come forward, Herrera still fears for his life. …

Till this day, the former Marine reports having regular encounters with helicopters flying ‘too close’ to his house and what he feels is harassment by a shadowy, clandestine authority.

Below is Micheal Herrera’s full testimony from Dr. Steven Greer’s symposium on UFO encounters and clandestine military special access programs:

Former U.S. Navy Seal Shawn Ryan recently sat down for an extended interview with Micheal Herrera in which he provides even more details of his harrowing account.

One concerned citizen filed a FOIA request to obtain all related materials regarding former Marine Micheal Herrera’s encounter with the black, octagonal UFO and the paramilitary unit.

Diagrams and artist renditions of Micheal Herrera’s daunting experience were presented as part of his earth-shattering testimony.


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