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Biden Uses SHORTER Stairs for Air Force One As White House Tries to ‘COVER-UP’ Mobility Issues

For those closely observing President Joe Biden’s public appearances, an unsettling pattern has begun to emerge.

As reported by Politico, a publication known for its efforts to shield the Bidens from political harm, Biden has been increasingly avoiding the traditional grand staircase to Air Force One in favor of the smaller steps at the back of the aircraft.

This departure from standard procedure raises some probing questions.

What are they trying to conceal, and could this be related to the President’s health?

The article by Politico reporters Eli Stokols and Jonathan Lemire, while attempting to downplay the significance, nonetheless sheds light on what appears to be a series of subtle accommodations being made for Biden’s physical well-being.

“From the dinners declined, to the way he boards Air Force One and the shoes he wears, Biden’s routines are changing,” reads the article.

Biden’s conspicuous reliance on the smaller, more manageable staircase has been noted on numerous domestic and international trips, regardless of weather conditions.

While formal greeting ceremonies at various destinations still involved the grander staircase, Biden has been opting for the more navigable alternative to reboard the aircraft.

Folks, can you imagine if President Trump needed SHORTER stairs to board Air Force One?

The media as well as Hollywood would have mocked him!

Yet, the media appears to be covering up for Joe Biden.


More details below:

These observations, while subtle, are causing ripples of concern.

If these modifications are indeed due to health reasons, the public deserves to know the full picture of President Biden’s wellbeing.

After all, the health of a nation’s leader is not just a private matter – it directly impacts national security, policy decisions, and the overall stability of the government.

Is there more to the story than meets the eye, and if so, what are they hiding?

According to our friends over at Breitbart:

President Joe Biden now uses the shorter steps to board Air Force One instead of the usual staircase that he often trips upon while boarding the plane, Politico reported Thursday in a 19-paragraph article.

Politico, which frequently tries to protect the Bidens from political liabilities, such as its infamous reporting on the “laptop from hell” in 2020, permitted reporters Eli Stokols and Jonathan Lemire to write an article on Thursday about Biden’s deteriorating physical well-being.

“Biden downplays age talk — but subtle accommodations are being made,” the headline read with the subtitle, “From the dinners declined, to the way he boards Air Force One and the shoes he wears, Biden’s routines are changing.”

The article highlighted his growing physical infirmities and his new use of the smaller steps at the back of Air Force One to board the plane:

Biden boarded [Air Force One] using the shorter set of retractable stairs that fold into the belly of the plane. The routine began a few months ago, the president increasingly avoiding the grander, more traditional doorway near the front of the aircraft on the main passenger level, higher above the tarmac.

Last week, Biden used the small steps to board Air Force One for every flight on his European trip: to London, Vilnius, Helsinki and back to Washington. None of those arrivals or departures — all of which are public and witnessed by the traveling press pool — were marked by inclement weather. He used the large stairs to descend from the plane upon arrival in London, Vilnius and Helsinki, when his hosts arranged more formal greeting ceremonies, but not to climb back aboard. And the overseas trip came on the heels of several recent domestic ones where Biden predominantly used the lower stairs on visits to and from Rocky Mount, N.C., Chicago, San Francisco and Philadelphia.

The scary part is that the world is a more dangerous place these days thanks to Joe Biden.

We have war over in Europe.

We suffer from economic stability here at home.

And our southern border is wide open.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden can’t even board his own aircraft.

How can we expect him to confidently govern the nation?

Our enemies are watching.

Do you really think that Putin and China are afraid of a man who can’t even climb the stairs?

Here’s where things get really bad…

Foreign media is already covering this story.

Here’s what the Telegraph had to say:

Joe Biden has started using shorter steps to board Air Force One after a string of embarrassing stumbles while boarding the presidential plane.

The US president has traditionally used the 26 steps at the front of the presidential plane to board Air Force One, however, he is increasingly using a shorter set that retracts into the belly of the aircraft.

Mr Biden used the smaller stairs to board the aircraft for every flight on his recent trip to Europe which included journeys to London, Vilnius, Helsinki and back to Washington.

Nevertheless, Mr Biden still stumbled halfway up the shorter steps ahead of a flight from Helsinki last week after meeting Nordic leaders.

Although it is not unheard of for presidents to use the shorter 14 steps, they are usually reserved for adverse weather.

Two of Mr Biden’s advisers told Politico the longer steps were being avoided in order to limit the possibility of stumbles and make travel easier for the octogenarian president.

So what do you think?

Do you think this is indicative of Biden’s old age and frailty?

And do you notice the massive difference in energy and life when you see Donald Trump?

I don’t know about you, but to me it’s clear that President Trump had much more energy and stamina compared to Joe Biden.

When that 3 AM emergency phone call happens in the White House, I know who I want to answer the phone.

It’s President Trump.


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