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‘Sound Of Freedom’ Star Says He Wouldn’t Let Biden Near His Kids: ‘I’d Pop Him’

If the recent footage of President Biden’s somewhat unsettling interaction with a young child made you feel a tad uncomfortable, you’re not alone.

Jim Caviezel, the star of “Sound of Freedom,” is making headlines for his stern warning to Biden, signaling that such behavior wouldn’t go unchallenged if it involved his kids.

Caviezel, a deeply devoted Christian and father of three, felt compelled to speak up after a viral video showed Biden nibbling and licking the shoulder of a toddler in a crowd – a moment that was, to say the least, awkward for many viewers.

Social media erupted with reactions to Biden’s latest “creepy behavior,” with a chorus of voices demanding answers.

But it was Caviezel’s response in an interview with journalist Benny Johnson that carried an extra punch.

“If it was my kid, I’d have pushed him off so quick,” Caviezel said with steely resolve. “The Secret Service would have tackled me ’cause I’d have popped him.”

More details below:

Caviezel’s boldness isn’t merely a father’s protective instinct.

It’s a wake-up call, highlighting how behavior like Biden’s, which would typically be deemed unacceptable, seems to be getting a free pass from a largely complacent media.

As viewers and voters, perhaps we should ask ourselves why.

Per Slay News:

“Sound of Freedom” star Jim Caviezel has warned Joe Biden that he wouldn’t be able to restrain himself if the Democrat president “crossed the line” with his kids.

Caviezel, a devout Christian and a father of three, issued the warning after watching recent video footage of Biden’s creepy behavior toward a toddler.

As Slay News reported, a video went viral last week that shows Biden nibbling and licking the shoulder of a young girl in the crowd.

The video provoked a widespread backlash on social media with many demanding answers for Biden’s “creepy behavior.

In an interview with journalist Benny Johnson, Caviezel declared that he would not tolerate such behavior toward his own child.

“I’d have pushed him off so quick,” Caviezel declared.

“The Secret Service would have tackled me ’cause I’d have popped him,” he added.

Caviezel then used Biden’s transgression as an example of how this type of behavior has become accepted by the media.

Folks, imagine if President Trump was as creepy as Joe Biden.

Imagine if Trump sniffed random girls and nibbled on infants.

Do you think the media would be ok with that?

Do you think the media or the Hollywood elites would cover for him?

Of course not!

So why in the world does Joe Biden get a pass?

Well, Caviezel is no stranger to contoversy.

He starred in Passion of the Christ at a time when Hollywood was already openly against Christianity.

Now, Caviezel is speaking out on one of the most important issues of our time.

As confirmed by the Post Millennial:

The Sound of Freedom actor Jim Caviezel spoke out against President Biden’s repeated “inappropriate” behavior towards children on Wednesday, and said that he would have physically intervened if Biden had put his mouth on his child.

While discussing the recent viral video of President Biden “nibbling” on a small child during an appearance on the Benny Johnson Show, Caviezel told Johnson that “the Secret Service would have tackled me because I would have popped him.”

Caviezel, the starring actor in the anti-child trafficking film Sound of Freedom, said that all Christians will have to unite in order to weed out the evil in society, referring to both Biden’s behavior towards children and the war on Christianity.

“There’s got to be a new sheriff in town,” the actor said. “Our Lord threw people out of the temple and this is the line right here, where we have to throw him out.”

“A Christian has to be God’s weapon where he’s willing to lose his name, reputation, job, title, even his very life to stand for the truth,” Caviezel said, explaining to Johnson that Christians have been falling short in the spiritual war on culture.

Caviezel, who is a confirmed Catholic, questioned why leaders within the Catholic Church aren’t speaking out against the attacks on Christianity. He pondered why many failed to defend the anti-child sex trafficking movie and stand up against the anti-Catholic transgender drag group, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, who were given a community hero award at Dodgers stadium last month.

So who’s side are you on?

Do you agree with Caviezel? Or do you think his take was too tough on Joe Biden?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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