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NYT Admits 30% of “COVID Deaths” Were NOT Actually from COVID!

Isn’t it funny when the narrative does a complete backflip?

For those of us keeping an eye on the situation, The New York Times’ recent admission that nearly a third of “Covid deaths” weren’t actually due to Covid-19 is less a shocking revelation and more an overdue confession.

In their typical ‘we-know-best’ fashion, The Times has conceded that the “official number [of Covid-19 deaths] is probably an exaggeration” because it includes people who had the virus but died from unrelated causes.

This information comes from both CDC data and a study published in Clinical Infectious Diseases, reinforcing the claim that “almost one-third of official recent Covid deaths” fall into this category.

For years, The Times, along with many other prominent news outlets, and even Chief Medical Advisor Anthony Fauci, dismissed those questioning the accuracy of Covid death statistics as wild conspiracy theorists.

The narrative was simple – these skeptics were mere foot soldiers in a radical right-wing plot to undermine public health efforts.

Remember 2020, when then President Trump dared suggest that Covid death numbers were exaggerated?

The Times didn’t just disagree; they waged a war of words, fervently defending the “official” numbers, and even suggesting the actual death toll was “far higher.”

Fauci echoed this sentiment, dismissing Trump’s claims as baseless.

Yet, as we look back, we see that traffic fatalities, gunshot fatalities, and other unrelated deaths were recklessly added to the Covid death total.

More details below:

As we’ve said all along, it’s not about dismissing the gravity of Covid-19, but about ensuring that data and reporting are accurate, transparent, and free from political bias.

This belated admission from The Times is vindication for those of us who dared question the narrative.

We didn’t need an ‘I told you so’ moment, but here we are anyway.

According to WIBC:

After years of subjecting the public to fear-mongering, The New York Times has admitted that nearly a third of “Covid deaths” weren’t actually caused by Covid-19.

“The official number [of Covid-19 deaths] is probably an exaggeration because it includes some people who had [the] virus when they died even though it was not the underlying cause of death,” the Times article read, explaining that both CDC data and a study in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases support the claim that “almost one third of official recent Covid deaths have fallen into this category.”

This admission contradicts years of insistence from The Times as well as other prominent news outlets and Chief Medical Advisor Anthony Fauci himself that anyone questioning the validity of the Covid death statistics was merely a radical right-wing conspiracy theorist.

In 2020, The Times attacked Trump when he suggested that the number of Covid deaths was exaggerated, claiming “most statisticians and public health experts say he is wrong” and arguing the number was in fact “far higher” than recorded.

Fauci claimed that Trump’s suggestion had no basis. Meanwhile, traffic fatalities, gunshot fatalities, and other unrelated deaths were found to have been added to the total.

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that most of the public will ever hear this truth.

This is why we need to wait for and listen to the facts before making rash decisions that will have major consequences and repercussions for everyone.

The truth is – we still haven’t gotten back to “normal” since COVID.

The world is in much worse shape now that it was under President Trump.

You see, there is a major difference of dying WITH Covid vs. dying FROM Covid.

For example, let’s say you had cancer and died in a car accident.

Did you die from cancer or the car accident?

Obviously, you died FROM the car accident and died WITH cancer.

Well, in an attempt to scare the public, people who died WITH Covid were accounted for in the Covid death tallies.

How is that right?!

The folks over at Hot Air have a thorough breakdown:

A very large fraction of the people classified as dying from COVID died WITH COVID, not from it. If you factor that in and the numbers change dramatically, and the US would not look so bad in international rankings.

This doesn’t amount to an admission they lied but rather is simply covering their own asses after it no longer matters. They got what they wanted: the panic, the election results they liked, the smearing of Republicans, the wholesale changes in how social media companies regulate speech, and the suppression of dissent from their power grab.

This is in the “now they tell us” category that Anthony Fauci entered just after his retirement when he published an article in Cell basically admitting that vaccines against respiratory diseases don’t really work as advertised.

Thanks for nothing. I wish I could throw you in jail for lying to us for years.

Folks, it’s up to you to help us spread this news.

We all know the mainstream media won’t cover it.

So help spread the truth by sharing this with your family and friends.

With Big Tech fighting against conservative publishers, we need to stand together and push back!


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