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Climate Cultists Now After Your Pizza

First, the climate cultists came after gas stoves, gas-powered furnaces, and dishwashers.

They’ve also targeted the food we eat.

Meat and rice have faced the wrath of the psychotic climate cult.

Now, pizza has met its fury.

New York City has placed coal, wood-fired pizzerias in its crosshairs to ‘cut carbon emissions.’

The Democrat-led city wants these pizzerias to cut carbon emissions by 75%, according to new rules drafted by the New York City of Environmental Protection.

“All New Yorkers deserve to breathe healthy air and wood and coal-fired stoves are among the largest contributors of harmful pollutants in neighborhoods with poor air quality,” DEP spokesman Ted Timbers said.

“This common-sense rule, developed with restaurant and environmental justice groups, requires a professional review of whether installing emission controls is feasible,” he added.

Climate cultists call this “common sense.”

Say that to the pizzeria owners and employees who make their livelihood serving pizza to hungry customers.

More details from the New York Post:

The rule could require pizzerias with such ovens installed prior to May 2016 to buy pricey emission-control devices — with the owner of one Brooklyn joint saying he’s already tossed $20,000 on an air filter system in anticipation of the new mandate.

“Oh yeah, it’s a big expense!” said Paul Giannone, the owner of Paulie Gee’s in Greenpoint. “It’s not just the expense of having it installed, it’s the maintenance. I got to pay somebody to do it, to go up there every couple of weeks and hose it down and you know do the maintenance.”

Giannone added that while the air filter is “expensive and it’s a huge hassle,” it also has some upsides.

“My neighbors are much happier. I had a guy coming in for years complaining that the smoke was, you know, going right into his apartment and I haven’t seen him since I got the scrubber installed.”

Other iconic pizza joints facing the heat include Lombardi’s in Little Italy, Arturo’s in Soho, John’s of Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village, Patsy’s in Turtle Bay and the Upper West Side and Grimaldi’s near the Brooklyn Bridge — that pride themselves on having their pies baked in coal-and-wood-fired ovens.

A city official said that under 100 restaurants total would be impacted.

In reality, this is a war climate cultists continue waging on the working class.

Daily Mail reported on critics of the proposed regulations:

One anonymous restaurateur told The Post: ‘You take away the char, the thing that makes the pizza taste great, you kill it.’

He added: ‘This is an unfunded mandate and it’s going to cost us a fortune.’

Even some customers have spoken out, warning city officials not to go near their pizzas.

Saavi Sharma, 32, of Brooklyn Heights, said: ‘I’m all for responsible environmental practice but tell Al Gore to take one less private jet or something. Give me a break!’

One angry person wrote on Twitter: ‘New York officially outlawing properly made pizza.’

Another wrote: ‘Some of NYC’s most legendary pizzerias will be punished. These pizzerias have perfected a style of pizza that millions of NY’ers have craved for decades.

‘Is the current agenda from the elected class to just destroy everything old New York?’


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