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Here’s the Appliance the Biden Administration is Coming After Next

The climate change agenda is not about saving the environment.

It’s about making the average man and woman poorer and more reliant on government.

WLTR has reported on the globalist-led push to ban gas stoves, including the first state to ban natural gas in most new buildings.

Democrat-Led State Becomes First to Ban Natural Gas

However, the climate change agenda doesn't stop with gas stoves to limit your carbon emissions.

Oh, no!

You must conserve water too!

You need to limit the amount of water your dishwasher uses.

According to a report from The Washington Times, Biden's Energy Department published new rules to cut water use and energy consumption in dishwashers.

From The Washington Times:

The Department of Energy on Friday quietly released proposed efficiency rules for dishwashers that would reduce water use by more than one-third for some standard-sized machines and slash energy use by 27%.

The proposed standards mark the most significant energy crackdown on dishwashers in a decade and come as the appliance manufacturing industry is struggling to comply with a plethora of Biden administration rules aimed at boosting energy efficiency and cutting carbon emissions.

The new standards would reduce water use even in many dishwashers that now meet the federal government’s 3.5-gallon Energy Star Standard.

Under the proposed rule, which would take effect three years after it is finalized, dishwashers would have to reduce water use to 3.2 gallons per cycle. Federal law currently allows dishwashers to use up to 5 gallons per cycle and those models face the steepest cuts in water and energy use. They would be eliminated from the market unless redesigned for reduced water levels.

Manufacturers would also be required to cut energy use in standard dishwashers from 307-kilowatt hours annually to 223 yearly kilowatt hours.

The Washington Examiner explained that the Department of Energy's proposed rules also impact electric motors and vending machines.

DOE also announced a separate final rule Friday tightening efficiency standards for electric motors of the sort that drive manufacturing and processing equipment.

“With today’s announcements, DOE is making rapid progress to strengthen outdated energy efficiency standards — as directed by Congress and in coordination with our industry partners and stakeholders — and support healthier, safer communities for the American people," said Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm.

The proposed rule would tighten standards for the maximum estimated annual energy use and per-cycle water use for both standard-size and compact dishwashers beginning in 2027.

DOE estimated the new proposed rule would save consumers a total of nearly $3 billion over 30 years and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 12.5 million metric tons, roughly the equivalent of the combined annual emissions of 1.6 million homes.

Average per-unit savings over the life of the product were estimated at $17 for standard appliances and $30 for compact appliances, while the total cost of conversion to industry required to comply with the proposed standards was approximately $125.6 million.

The vending machine proposal would reduce energy costs for businesses by $20 million annually, according to DOE, and conversion costs were estimated at $1.5 million.


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