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Ron DeSantis Has His “Please Clap” Moment

Things are going from bad to worse for DeSantis.

But before I even tell you why (actually it’s a DOUBLE why in this article) I first need to address the “please stop attacking DeSantis” crowd.

Look, I get it.

Ron has done some good things in Florida.

Good, maybe not great.

But we’ve seen this story before, haven’t we?

The Republican Governor who is great as Governor and then goes to D.C. and becomes George W. Bush 2.0.

Happens over and over and over.


I think a simple explanation which I wrote about yesterday:

DeSoros? Is Rob DeSantis Tied To Soros Money?

So look, I get that Florida likes DeSantis.

But I can spot a RINO a mile away, and this guy is headed squarely into the Paul Ryan / Mitt Romney / John Kasich territory.

And that laugh....[cringe]

And that nasally voice!  [mega cringe]

Sorry folks, I just call it as I see it and I can't self-censor even though Florida likes this guy.


And here's the latest bit that I can't censor.

Two parts actually....

Part 1 is the DeSantis camp having their very own Jeb "Please Clap" moment.

Take a look:

Sorry DeSanctus, but when nobody claps for you at an applause break, perhaps they just don't like you that much?

Just sayin....

This was hilarious:

Remember this moment?

More on Jeb in a minute down below if you want to take a walk down memory lane...

But first, Part 2.

Not only did no one clap but Ron got sweaty.

Like, NASTY sweaty.

No wonder the dude was always showering with other guys in the basement.  [cringe]

Here is Newsweek commenting on Ron's "sweaty appearance":

Now let's zoom in....

And no, these are NOT edited (I wish they were):

Best quote ever:

For reference:

And in case you think those photos were just staged or edited or just a bad angle, video doesn't lie.


Now let's take a walk down memory lane...

Remembering Jeb Bush: “Please Clap”

Ok folks, if you haven’t seen this before, get ready to laugh….a lot.

I don’t know why I thought of this today, but I’m glad I did.

It’s 3 years old, and like a fine wine it’s gotten way better with time!

This is Jeb Bush during the heart of the primary race against Trump in 2016.

He delivers his line in typical bumbling Bush fashion and then after an awkward pause says humbly, “Please clap”.

It’s gold.


And this guy is really hitting it out of the park.

In less than 20 days, he's had his Jeb Bush Moment AND his Howard Dean Moment.



Did Ron DeSantis Just Have His "Howard Dean" Moment?

When you're running for President, you want to get attention.

Trending online is great!'s for a bad reason.

Unless you're having your Howard Dean moment.

Do you remember when that happened?

If you don't remember or never saw it, you're in for a treat.

This is not even a human sound, I have no idea how he did this.

When it's called "THE Scream" you know that's very bad for you.

Watch here:

Oddly enough, that happened in Iowa and Ron DeSantis may have just had his Howard Dean moment....also in Iowa.

Let's start with the pictures, because they're bad enough.

Here is Ron DeSantis laughing:

It was immediately mocked online:



Ok, so that's....odd, right?

But maybe it's just a bad still frame.

We all look bad in pictures sometimes.

Maybe the video will be better.



This is not normal:

Me too Brian:

This one was funny:

Definitely not normal human movements:


And back to the Howard Dean moment.

I'm afraid you may be toast Ronald: whatever the hell that was to this:

ICONIC: Donald Trump, American Badass!

"Iconic" is the only word I have for this.

You're going to love this...

Remember last weekend when President Trump attended UFC 287 with Kid Rock, Dana White and Iron Mike Tyson?

And the crowd erupted?

And after the fight the winner told Joe Rogan and the entire stadium that Donald Trump was the best President in his entire lifetime?

And then he started a "Let's Go Brandon" chant?

So cool.

But even cooler is the video that someone stitched together and put to music -- the perfect music bed for this video, Kid Rock's "American Badass".

It's only 2 minutes but so good.

I've listed to it 5 times already.


And on Rumble here:


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