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Has Hank Kunneman Been Right This Whole Time?

As many of you know, we’ve had serious concerns about some of the prophetic voices that we cover here.

People who started out good but then started doing things that were very questionable at best.

I won’t recount those here but you can read about Kat Kerr here and Robin Bullock here.

Very disappointing and sad to say the least.

Before that, I had raised my own concerns about why Hank Kunneman did not correct the record after what Michael Flynn did at this big event.

I won’t recount that again here either, but you’d all probably read it.

But I never like to write anyone off entirely, and many of you still send me videos and ask me to watch them.

I did watch one today from Tony (last name withheld for privacy) from Hank Kunneman on FlashPoint recently.

In this video, Hank goes through a mega list of prophetic words he’s given that have all come to pass.

Watch first and then I’ll give you my thoughts:

Backup here on YouTube if easier:

Ok, so…what do you think?

Curious to find out how this turns out:

My thoughts?

I have a lot.

First of all, I see Lance Wallnau is sticking by Hank, while I think he has been fairly vocal about his concern over Kat Kerr, Robin Bullock and Timothy Dixon.

I respect Lance and find that interesting.

I will also say I always really enjoyed and respected Hank.

I’ve never found any of Hanks teachings (directly from him) to be of concern.

They always seem to be Jesus-centered to me, and that’s my measuring stick.

My concern with Hank is that he allowed Michael Flynn to do what he did and then Hank refused to ever correct the record.

That still bothers me a lot.


Because a lot of people were led astray by that, and Hank was the spiritual authority in charge of that gathering.

But other than that, I do greatly enjoy and respect Hank and many of the prophetic words he goes through in here are pretty incredible to have come to pass.

Some I don’t put much weight in, and I think he’d be better off not trying to claim these, like: it’s going to snow a lot this winter!  Or, big rains in spring!  Or, it’s going to be really hot in summer time.

Those are lame and take away from the other stuff.

That’s my take…how about you?


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