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UPDATE: Student That Viciously Beat Teacher Unconscious Now SUING School District

The perpetrator is now using the victim card?

Imagine my shock.

You may recall hearing about this story in the beginning of the year.

A nearly 300-pound student pummels a small female teacher into the ground, knocking her unconscious.

Here’s the article for a refresher:

Female Teacher Beaten Unconscious By 270-Pound Student Speaks Out, Refuses To Help Attacker Get Lighter Sentence

She's lucky she's alive. Looks like attempted murder.

Similar to what happened to Kaylee Gain, a young petite girl that was nearly murdered as her head was repeatedly slammed into the concrete, cracking, yes, cracking her skull.

The video is beyond disturbing and blood boiling.

The #1 rule of a fair fight: 'Stop when opponent is on the ground' doesn't seem to be followed by some these days.

So what's the follow up?

This student is suing. Cause he didn't do nothing wrong, apparently.

This story even got Elon Musk's attention, which always helps to bring more eyes and awarness to a topic.

New York Post reports:

The hulking autistic Florida teenager who ruthlessly beat his teacher’s aid unconscious over a video game was a “ticking time bomb,” his attorneys claimed in a petition filed against the student’s school on Wednesday.

In the complaint, Brendan Depa’s legal team blamed the Flagler County School District for failing to meet the high schooler’s needs in the weeks before the February 2023 attack that left paraprofessional Joan Naydich with five broken ribs, a severe concussion and hearing loss.

Depa faces up to 30 years behind bars after pleading no contest to the caught-on-camera beatdown, which his attorneys claim only transpired because the district committed a series of violations resulting in “significant harm” to the disabled teen.

“The district should be held to account for its failures which have forever changed the trajectory of this young man’s life,” the petition, obtained by Flagler Live, states.

The petition lays out a clear history of Depa’s aggression, which stems from his diagnosed emotional behavioral disorder, intermittent explosive disorder, mood disorder, ADHD and autism spectrum disorder.

Matanzas High School administrations even determined Depa would be eligible for an individualized education plan, or IEP, which connected him with a board-certified behavior analyst who also confirmed that he had tried to assault staff and students and was known to break property when upset.

Although he was disciplined for his aggressive and violent behavior — which included spitting on a student, threatening a student, leaving class without permission and grabbing a female employee — Depa was not put in restrictive placement.

The bad behavior went improperly unpunished until Depa — who stands at 6-foot-6 and weighs 270 pounds — clobbered Naydich in the school hallway, slamming her to the floor before kicking and punching her in the back and head more than a dozen times.

“The school did not seem to have any control over B.D. and B.D. was allowed to do whatever he wanted with little to no intervention or consequences,” the petition states, adding that the school had a responsibility to intervene.

“To allow B.D. to continue to escalate only led to the incident where the paraprofessional was harmed and B.D. was arrested,” the petition continues. “Had these issues been addressed in real time, B.D. would not have harmed the paraprofessional and would not have been arrested and facing significant time incarcerated.”

This attack while they are down seems to be common lately.

Here's another video of someone getting their head stomped and getting their skull fractured.

You can't miss it, the tall guy drags the person by their head, swings his leg up as high as it can go, slams it down... on a girl! Against concrete!

When your opponent is down, just keep beating them until the're dead?

Here's ChatGpt's take on attempted murder:

The scenario you're describing could still potentially constitute attempted murder, depending on the specific circumstances and the laws of the jurisdiction involved. Here's why:

  1. Intent to Cause Severe Harm: Even if the person claims they didn't intend to kill but only to severely beat the victim, the intent to cause significant harm can still be considered malicious and unlawful. In many legal systems, the intent to cause serious bodily injury or harm can be sufficient to establish the necessary intent for an attempted murder charge.
  2. Likelihood of Death: Actions taken with the intent to cause severe harm that could reasonably be expected to result in death, even if death was not the specific goal, can still be viewed as attempted murder. The law often considers the foreseeable consequences of one's actions, especially when they involve extreme violence.
  3. Degree of Force: The degree of force used or intended to be used can also be a factor. If the actions planned or undertaken are significantly violent and pose a high risk of death, this can support an attempted murder charge.


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