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Bud Light’s Situation WORSENS—Critical Failure Imminent?

Bud Light is Anheuser-Busch’s flagship product, accounting for a vast majority of its sales and revenue.

Despite this, woke saboteurs, who infiltrated the company, decided to tank the product by partnering up with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney.

What followed was, perhaps, the most successful conservative boycott in modern history and a significant decline in Bud Light sales and revenue.

Sources are reporting that Bud Light sales are down by 25% and that this number has been sustained for several weeks now. …

The crisis has been worsening for Anheuser-Busch, as their latest reorganization of their marketing executives seems to suggest—the boycott, if it continues, will have massive impacts on Anheuser long-term.

Despite this, the stock price of Anheuser-Busch has almost recovered to pre-boycott levels—this is indicative of ESG subsidization, according to influencer Clint Russell.

What truly matters is a sustained boycott and the corresponding drop in sales and revenues over time—just wait for the next 2 earnings calls. …

According to him, Bud Light sales are down by 25% already:

The Epoch Times claims:

Tracking data on Bud Light sold in places like supermarkets and liquor stores (off-premise sales volumes outside of restaurants and bars) fell by an annualized 26.1 percent in the week ended April 22, according to Beer Business Daily.


Western Journal highlights how the boycott has affected Anheuser’s flagship product:

The brand’s reputation has been harmed so much that it might never fully rebound.

On Sunday, conservative commentator Ryan Fournier shared an image of cases of the brand being sold at a substantial discount at Costco.

Fournier’s photo showed 36-packs of Bud Light on sale for only $14.97.

“This is insane,” he commented.


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