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President Trump Makes Dr. Phil Crack Up….Couldn’t Keep a Straight Face!

President Trump sat down with Dr. Phil for an hour long interview and it was fantastic.

Dr. Phil is part of a very important demographic right now….

In fact, the most important demographic right now….

It’s those people who traditionally haven’t been that political, or perhaps even people who traditionally have not supported Trump, but who are now speaking up and coming to his defense because they see the entire Biden Regime weaponized against him for no good reason other than pure abuse of power and they fear for the future of America.

And they’re exactly right.

This is our moment.

We all either rise up right now and fight back (peacefully and patriotically) or we lose our country.

The Biden Regime is doing all of this BEFORE the election….imagine what they will do after it if they win:

Tucker and Bongino got booted from Fox

Alex Jones owes $1 billion and expects InfoWars to be raided by Feds

Rudy Giuliani owes $100 million for saying a rigged election was rigged

Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro are being imprisoned

Trump has 34 felonies and was banned off all social media

CFO of Epoch Times was just indicted

James O’Keefe is gone from Project Veritas

OAN was banned from all major satellite networks

Parler was booted off their AWS cloud server

Elon’s being sued and investigated by the Feds for allowing free speech on Twitter/X

Almost every “alternate elector” has been indicted in blue states

The Communists have taken over America and if we don’t defeat them in November, this list will look like an appetizer compared to what they’ll do to us next

Folks, this is truly the last stand, so I commend people like Dr. Phil and so many others who are now coming to President Trump’s defense (and really America’s defense).

We need it.

Full court press from now until November.

Quite frankly, we need 100+ more celebrities, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, business leaders, sports stars, and anyone with money, power or influence in this country to step up now and defend this nation.

Ok, rant over.

I have the full interview with Dr. Phil down below, but first I wanted to just show you a funny moment.

Gotta have a little humor once in a while otherwise things get too deep and too serious.

So I give you President Trump going on a rant about Adam Schiff’s “watermelon head” and the best part is Dr. Phil doing all he can to try and keep a straight face.

It’s hilarious!

Watch here:

Every time Trump talks about Schiff’s giant watermelon head, I can’t help but think of one of my favorite Norm Macdonald jokes ever….the giant Pumpkin head!

And yes, for those keeping score at home, I do have about 100 “favorite Norm Macdonald jokes” — that is true.


Now back to Dr. Phil….

If you’ve like to watch the full interview, I have that for you below:

Trump Sits Down With Dr. Phil In Must See Interview, Watch The FULL INTERVIEW Here

Dr. Phil interviewed President Trump recently to talk about Trump’s trials, the 2024 election, the future of America, the Biden admin, and much more.

The interview was uploaded on X and as of now the video has garnered well over 1.6 million views.

During one part of the interview Phil Mcgraw told Trump “You have to be very strong. You’re fighting very evil forces and they’re very smart forces.”

Trump responded “There are people that control Biden. Totally true. I think I know who they are largely.”

Per The New York Post:

Former President Donald Trump has claimed President Biden is being controlled by “very evil forces” with a “sick ideology.”

Trump, 77, dropped the claim during a wide-ranging interview with Dr Phil Thursday when the TV psychologist asked him about the “darkest” moments he’s faced in the wake of his historic criminal conviction and a slew of other ongoing legal battles.

“You have to be very strong. You’re fighting very evil forces and they’re very smart forces,” the Republican told Phil McGraw.

“There are people that control Biden. Totally true. I think I know who they are largely.”

Mcgraw shared that people are reaching out to him who weren’t fans of Trump before but are now deciding to vote for Trump.

Dr. Phil stated people are saying, “I have not voted for Trump, and I have not been a Trump fan before, but I have donated to him, and I’m voting for him because he has inspired me.”

Here are some highlights:

Watch the full interview here:



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