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Dr. Phil Presses President Trump To Say He Will Not Seek Retribution — Trump’s Response Is Brilliant

I’ve written a bunch today about the Dr. Phil interview of President Trump.

I’ve listened to the whole thing and then re-listened to several clips.

I’ve found it absolutely fascinating on many levels and I’ve given it high praise in many regards, calling it a watershed moment.

I explain why in these two articles if you want to take a look:

BREAKING: President Trump Does Not Believe Joe Biden Will Be On The Ballot

President Trump Makes Dr. Phil Crack Up….Couldn’t Keep a Straight Face!

But there was one moment I thought was a real low spot for Dr. Phil and it was sad to see.

It was just like what Sean Hannity did a few nights ago.

It makes me wonder if someone is putting these guys up to pushing this narrative because it almost feels coordinated.

But maybe that's just my tin foil hat....

In any event, Dr. Phil did exactly what Hannity did, pressing Donald Trump to commit to not seek revenge on the people who have gone after him.

Watch this clip and then I'll give you my take below which differs DRASTICALLY from Dr. Phil's take:

Ok, now with all due respect to Dr. Phil and Hannity and anyone else pushing this narrative, I have to say I vehemently disagree....

And I think reading between the lines of President Trump's answer I think he and I are in sync on this.

President Trump has to parse his words very carefully right now because there are some Americans without the spine for what needs to be done.

The "Kum ba yah" people....

The same people who think if we'd just be NICER to the terrorists then they will be nice back to us!

A few of those hippies have gone so far as to travel over to the Middle East and test out that theory and they did not live to tell about it.

There's a reason why it's common wisdom to say you "do not negotiate with terrorists"....foreign or domestic.

And right now we're chalked full of a lot of domestic terrorists in positions of power.  People who hate America.  People who abuse those positions of power for their own benefit.

America is sick....

America has a deadly virus and you either cut the virus out (legally of course) or you die from parasitic rot.

So I'm sorry Dr. Phil but we're well past the point of just joining hands and singing Kum Ba Yah and saying "can't we all just get along?"

So naive.

But I have to give President Trump credit...he's played this perfectly.

What Dr. Phil and Hannity seem to so easily forget is President Trump already tried it there way.

That was called 2016.

He had the chance to LOCK UP Hillary Clinton after he would have been a fairly easy case.

But he chose not to.

He chose the higher ground.

He opted for unity.

With the benefit of hindsight, we now know how they repaid him for that....

8 years of the Russia Collusion hoax....

2 impeachments...

4 scam trials...

1 Guilty conviction....

34 counts for one made-up non-crime....

And I could go on and on.

So I'm sorry Dr. Phil....President Trump already tried that method.

It did not work.

Often times, the only thing a bully or a terrorist will respect is punching them in the mouth.

The good news is President Trump understands this.

You can see it in his answer back, which was so expertly done.

But let's make one other thing clear too....

I do not believe anyone in MAGA wants to "go after" anyone who did nothing wrong.....we simply want the two-tiered justice system removed.

We want equal justice for all....

Equal application of the law.

We don't want made up crimes fabricated and fake trials pushed like they are doing to Trump.

But where the evidence is clear and the law so obviously broken, we want justice.

We no longer want justice ignored for some misplaced sense of "unity" or "decorum".

Sorry, that's unicorn and fairy tales land.

We live in reality and we want to finally live in a country where Democrats are not above the law.

Curious to know how many of you agree with me....

If you disagree, drop a comment below and let me know why.


President Trump Prepping The Public For The Arrest of Hillary Clinton

Is President Trump prepping the general public for the upcoming arrest of Hillary Clinton?  And others?

Liz Crokin and many others say yes.

In fact, President Trump himself is the one saying "yes".

Allow me to show you....

It all comes from his latest interviews, one with Greg Kelly and one with Sean Hannity.

President Trump has previously said when asked about getting retribution on all of his enemies that, quote: "our ultimate retribution is success".

But after the Guilty Conviction came down last week, he's been asked if his opinion has changed and it seems it has.

And I can't fault him for it one bit.

Watch this short clip here:

Hannity tried to bait him last night into saying he wouldn't go after any of his enemies and President Trump did not take the bait:

My friend the Digital Asset Investor points out that not only does this mean Hillary, but never forget the CFO for Hillary's Campaign and the man who allegedly wrote the check for the Steele Dossier was Gary Gensler, our current head of the (very corrupt) SEC:

As much as I can't stand Hillary, I may be even more happy to see that smug bastard Gensler locked up!

The damage he has done to American finance infrastructure with his illogical war on crypto is horrible.

He set us back at least 4 years, but perhaps that was simply the plan all along?

The plan for Elizabeth Warren, Gary Gensler and Joe Biden to protect their buddies in the banking world and "TradFi" (Traditional Finance) to give them time to catch up?

But back to Trump....

Let's be very clear about what he's saying here.

He's saying that he had a very clear path (and evidence) to lock up Hillary Clinton when he took office in 2016 and he choose not to do it.

He thought it would be a very terrible thing to lock up the wife of a former President, even if she was guilty as sin.

So he chose restraint, even in the face of what would have been fair justice.

And I think Hillary is but one example of dozens!  Hundreds even.

So despite all the fear mongering and hand wringing about Donald Trump being a dictator and the "New Hitler" if he got into office, his first four years prove the exact opposite.

But what do Biden's four years tell us?

A completely weaponized Administration.

A DOJ weaponized against Donald Trump, creating crimes where none exist -- even writing and rewriting new laws in desperate attempts to try and "Get Trump".

An IRS weaponized against the American people....

An SEC weaponized against American crypto holders...

And unlawfulness and Unconstitutional moves at every turn.

So now President Trump is asked what will he do?

Turn the other cheek (again)?

Let them off the hook (again)?

How can he do that?

Why would he do that?

Why would anyone want that?

Let me make it very simple and clear here what my position is and what I believe President Trump is saying in these clips:  He is not going to illegally or unlawfully or Unconstitutionally go after anyone.  He is simply going to apply the law and justice equally and fairly.  No more two tiers of justice.  He is not going to find crimes where none exist, but he's no longer going to look the other way out of some sort of ill-placed allegiance to "decorum" because that ship sailed under the Biden Regime.  The Biden Regime opened that door, not Trump.  And Hannity can wring his hands all he wants and try to get Trump to say he won't walk through that door, but I don't think that's what anyone in MAGA wants.  And I think Hannity just exposed himself once again.

Love to know what you think....

RELATED REPORT (from before the Guilty Conviction):

President Trump Explains How He'll Get The "Ultimate Retribution"

President Trump, during his Fox News Town Hall, shared his plan for “ultimate retribution”.

During his Town Hall, Trump shared “We are run by fools. We’re run by stupid people. But we ran it very smart for four years and we won everything. We won everything.”

This led to Fox News host Brett Baierto asking, “You get questions about what a second term’s going to look like when you’re in your rallies. You spend a lot of time talking about retribution, and so there are questions about how much a second term of a Donald Trump presidency, a second term, would be about retribution and looking backward in grievances and how much would be looking forward?”

Trump responded, “Well, first of all, a lot of people would say that that’s not so bad. Look what they did. Russia, Russia, Russia hoax, the FBI Twitter hoax, the 51 intelligence agents hoax. All of these different hoaxes that they did. I mean, a lot of people would say, that’s probably quite normal.”

He concluded, “I’m not going to have time for retribution,” he continued. “We’re going to make this country so successful. Again, I’m not going to have time for retribution. And remember this, our ultimate retribution is success.”

Watch Trump here:

Per ABC:

Donald Trump has made the idea of "retribution" a centerpiece of his 2024 campaign for the White House, telling supporters at rally after rally he would use the full force of the presidency to go after his perceived political enemies.

The rhetoric has stoked alarm among critics that a second Trump term could usher in a wave of authoritarian revenge.

MORE: Trump's unprecedented campaign pitch: Elect me to be your revenge on the government
But on Wednesday night, in a sudden change, Trump backed off the message he's spent nearly a year touting on the stump.

"I'm not going to have time for retribution," Trump said during a town hall with Fox News in Iowa, where he sat down with the network's Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum as his Republican opponents traded attacks on stage at Drake University.

"We're going to make the country so successful again, I'm not going to have time for retribution," Trump claimed. "And remember this: our ultimate retribution is success."

Per The Daily Wire:

Former President Donald Trump said he will not “have time for retribution” during a second term in the White House in an apparent walk-back of comments made earlier in the campaign.

Trump sat with Fox News hosts Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum during a live town hall event in Iowa on Wednesday evening. The Trump event took place as CNN held a debate between Trump’s Republican primary foes, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley.


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