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‘Laptop From Hell’ is Now EVIDENCE in Gun Trial

Well, folks, looks like Hunter Biden’s legendary ‘laptop from hell’ is back in the spotlight.

Once brushed off as Russian ‘misinformation’, it is now considered evidence by the court overseeing Biden’s Gun Trial.

And guess what?

The laptop’s loaded with a goldmine of shady emails and photos.

And now even an FBI agent on the case has given it the stamp of authenticity.

Imagine that.

What will the media say about it now?

“Turns out the laptop was Hunters. Here’s why that’s a good thing.” They’ll try to twist it.

But they can’t stop the flood of truth washing away the old corrupt system.

And things are just getting started.

Gateway Pundit reports:

Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop, long dismissed by the liberal media as a product of Russian disinformation, has resurfaced as a key piece of evidence in a high-profile gun charges trial. The laptop, which contains a trove of incriminating emails and images, is now confirmed to be authentic by an FBI agent involved in the case.

The trial centers around Hunter Biden’s acquisition of a $5,000 firearm in October 2018, during which he allegedly falsified federal forms by denying any drug addiction.

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier that prosecutors told the court that Hunter Biden bought the firearm while he was smoking crack every 15 minutes.

Now, what many in the media and deep state once dismissed as “Russian disinformation” is at the forefront of American justice. Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop has surfaced as a pivotal piece of evidence in his ongoing gun charges trial.

The laptop in question, a MacBook Pro 13, became notorious when its contents were disclosed shortly before the 2020 presidential election. According to reports, Hunter Biden left it at a Delaware repair shop in 2019, forgetting to retrieve it. This laptop became one of the first exhibits presented by the prosecution.

The FBI and intelligence community knew in November 2019 that Hunter Biden’s laptop was authentic and contained evidence of hundreds of international crimes that included his father, Joe Biden.

Then, during the second presidential debate in 2020, Joe Biden and hack reporter Kristen Welker teamed up against President Donald Trump.

At one point, Joe Biden interrupted Welker for his planned response to the Hunter Biden Laptop from Hell scandal. Joe Biden told the audience that 50 intelligence leaders signed a letter saying the laptop was “Russian propaganda.”

New York Post adds:

For the first time Tuesday, first son Hunter Biden’s notorious “laptop from hell” — whose scandalous contents were first reported by The Post nearly four years ago — was shown to a jury of his peers, with federal prosecutors making it a key part of their case accusing the president’s child of illegally owning a gun while addicted to drugs.

The pivotal moment unfolded after prosecutor Derek Hines brought out a plastic-wrapped laptop, walked it across the courtroom and presented it to his first witness, FBI Special Agent Erika Jensen.

Jensen took the MacBook Pro 13 and verified — after looking at the serial number on the back — that it had, in fact, belonged to President Biden’s son.

Prosecutors from the office of special counsel David Weiss must prove to jurors that Hunter, 54, intentionally lied on a gun application form by claiming he didn’t do drugs when he purchased a Colt Cobra revolver on Oct. 12, 2018 — a time when prosecutors say he was in the middle of a serious crack-cocaine dependency.

The feds were quick to begin using information extracted from the laptop to lay out a timeline of when they say Hunter was using before and after he bought the firearm — which he only owned for 11 days.

Federal Judge Maryellen Noreika ruled before trial that prosecutors do not need to prove the Biden son was high when he bought the gun but only that he was generally using around that time.

Jensen explained that information on the computer was cross-checked against information taken from the Biden scion’s iCloud account — which investigators had obtained through a subpoena issued to Apple.

FBI agents were able to extract mountains of data from the Macbook, including text messages and WhatsApp messages, detailing Hunter’s drug use.

On Tuesday, the jury was shown a 2018 message that Hunter sent to his purported dealer, Clifford O’Brien, saying, “Can you get baby powder, the real soft stuff.”

Turns out someone has complied the laptop info into a book.

Here’s the War Room going over the laptop.



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