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PROPHETIC? President Trump Told Us 30 Years Ago: “I’d Like To Lose It All…”

As I write this, the GUILTY verdict has just come in against President Trump.

Guilty on all 34 counts.

Of course it’s complete garbage and I expect will be reversed on Appeal to the Supreme Court, but that’s not what’s on my mind right now.

What’s on my mind is a 30 year old clip of President Trump that is just going off like fireworks in my head.

It’s a young Donald Trump saying that he’d like to lose it all — lose everything — temporarily.


To see who his true friends and allies are.

And I can’t help but think we’re watching that play out extremely prophetically over 30 years later with this news breaking right now:

Trump Fundraising Website Crashes After Guilty Verdict: Sleeping Giant Awakens!

He famously says:

"I think I'd like to lose it all for a time period to see who is loyal to me."

You see, when you have it all, EVERYONE wants to be your friend.

And you don't know who is real.

How absolutely prophetic that Donald Trump would say this.

And have we seen it play out?

Most certainly so.

We've still got his back and many others do too, but others have fled.

It appears he got his wish.

Watch the amazing short clip here on Rumble:

More below...

Basically, this is a young Donald Trump being asked about his friends and how he knows if they are true friends or not.

Good question when you're worth billions.

How many people TRULY have your back?

Donald answers the question by saying because he himself is extremely loyal to people, he takes it as a grave offense when people are not loyal to him.

And then to directly answer the question he says he'd really love to "lose it all" one day -- temporarily -- just to see who was truly loyal to him.


Could anything more accurately describe the current state of affairs?

Mr. President, let me be the first to say we've had your back since 2015 and we haven't budged one inch!

You've got our FULL SUPPORT and LOYALTY here at WeLoveTrump!

Please enjoy this incredible, prophetic clip where perhaps he didn't even know it but he was prophesying the future.

Don't ever doubt how much this man is being used by God.

A modern day Cyrus.



Backup on Rumble here: about you?


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