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Trump Fundraising Website Crashes After Guilty Verdict: Sleeping Giant Awakens!

It’s already backfired!

The sham guilty verdict against President Trump has awoken a sleeping giant.

Trump’s official fundraising website has CRASHED.


Because so many people are flocking to show their support by donating to his campaign.

But it’s not just Trump’s website.

Virtually any campaign website associated with Trump, including GOP websites, have CRASHED due to the amount of support pouring in.

Folks, as someone who works in digital marketing, let me tell you: THIS IS BIG.

Websites and their servers are designed to be able to “scale” as traffic scales.

Usually, you get charged for overages, if you go above your expected traffic.

The fact that these websites crashed, especially for someone as high profile as President Trump, means that the support is already pouring in!

For those able to see his website, the Trump team is already spinning this grave injustice to the campaign’s favor.

Take a look:

Even the Never-Trump National Review knows that this was a “rigged” trial:

Rigged” is a favorite word of Donald Trump and his allies.

It describes how institutions and processes have been distorted by a progressive elite to tilt the playing field against Trump and his supporters.

For the former president, it’s an all-purpose charge lodged against anything he dislikes and is especially useful as applied to the 2020 election, since it can vaguely encompass everything from sharp practices by the other side to outright theft.

When Trump made his statement to reporters on Wednesday morning prior to the jury getting the Alvin Bragg case, he repeatedly used the word “rigged,” and, in this instance, he was absolutely right.

The charges were rigged, the prosecution’s presentation of the case was rigged, the judge’s management of the case was rigged, the gag order was rigged, and the instructions to the jury were rigged.

The whole thing was rigged from beginning to end, in the hopes of — to the extent this case and the guilty verdict will matter in November — rigging the presidential election.

If this had happened in an alderman race in Cook County, Ill., it’d be discomfiting enough, but it happened in what purports to be the greatest city in the world and involves the campaign to become the most powerful political leader in the free world.

The high stakes would, one hopes, compel the authorities to have the most exacting standard for their own conduct and put a premium on maintaining the perception and reality of fairness. The logic of rigging runs the opposite way, though — because it is considered so imperative to stop Donald Trump, any means of opposing him becomes acceptable, indeed necessary.

NATIONAL POLL: Will You Still Vote For President Trump After “Guilty” Verdict?

The Joe Biden campaign has made a big mistake.

The fact that Trump’s website has crashed PROVES that the American people are behind him.

They do not want to see us become a Banana Republic!


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