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AZ Secretary of State Warns of DEEPFAKES Ahead of 2024 Election, But Why?


The latest weapon of war.

And ahead of the 2024 election, you can be sure there will be an increase in its use.

So here’s the twist.

Arizona’s Secretary of State Adrian Fontes (D) made a fake AI video, warning voters to watch out for AI-generated deepfakes.

What’s the real purpose this Democrat is warning the public?

To get ahead of what’s about to come out?

The video deepfake video of Fontes was designed to prove just how convincing these AI-generated fakes can be.

If you’re not careful, you might get duped.

But the real question is, was the report on this deepfake the real dupe? Was the entire news segment fake?

Stay sharp, people.

Remember the fake Obama video that went viral?

That was 6 years ago. Imagine how much more advanced it is now.

And at the end of this article, I’ll even show you that one of those videos that Britney Spears posted wasn’t her at all.

The Independent reports:

Arizona’s Secretary of State Adrian Fontes posted a video warning voters ahead of the 2024 election to protect themselves from being duped by AI-generated deepfakes and other fabricated political content ahead of this year’s election.

Though by all account it appeared to be Mr Fontes delivering the video message, it was not; it was actually a deepfake of Mr Fontes, meant to drive home the warning and to make the point that AI-generated content can be convincing to the untrained eye.

He shared the video during Sunday’s episode of Meet the Press.

In the video, the deepfake of Mr Fontes introduces itself and proceeds to explain what it is and what its purpose is before reminding viewers that it is just an “impersonation” of a real human.

“Hello, this is a public service advisory featuring an AI version of Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes. This video was produced as part of our 2024 statewide election security tabletop exercise,” the AI version of Mr Fontes said. “It was created with both the consent and the cooperation of the real secretary Fontes, which, again, is not me, I’m an AI-impersonation of him.”

While the dialogue delivery is quite stilted and robotic and the deepfake makes a few perplexing facial animations, the video is otherwise relatively convincing as real footage of the Arizona official.

Meet the Press host Kristen Welker called the footage “chilling” and then asked Mr Fontes why he felt it was necessary to build a deepfake of himself.

“In bootcamp … we looked at the weapons of our enemies and we trained against them as much as possible,” he said. “AI is not a new weapon, it’s an amplifier and a magnifier of mis and disinformation.”

He said he wanted to ensure that elections officials were “familiar with” how AI can be used to create mis and disinformation, and to install processes for dealing with fake information.

Mr Fontes said the state had already done a “tabletop” exercise with the media to help teach reporters how to spot AI-generated content, and said it would later do the same with law enforcement officials.

He wasn’t the only US official talking publicly about AI this week; Joe Biden shared his thoughts on the technology on Tuesday, saying AI companies still needed to “earn our trust.”

“I commit to do everything in my power to promote and demand safe, secure, trustworthy, and responsible innovation – that includes the use of AI-generated audio. I ask that AI companies join me in that commitment,” Mr Biden said on X.

What if the capabilities of AI was higher than they’re admitting?

What if it’s on par with high definition 4K quality or something similar?

Would they let us know?

Or would they release a lower DVD type of quality.

That way they could point out, “See, you can tell it’s AI because of this and that, it’s not that good yet. It’s still in it’s early stages, etc, etc.”

And then when they release AI videos to fool us, they would use the higher 4K version.

The lone wolf ‘conspiracy theorist’ notices something isn’t right about the video and points it out.

“Hmm, that can’t be right, I heard this person was arrested.”

The masses ridicule him, “If it was AI you would know, becuse of this and that. It’s not that good yet. This video is clearly real. Look how high quality it is.”

See the problem?

Now, watch this following clip carefully.

How much of it do you think is fake?

When does the AI end and actual real filming begin?

Or does it begin?

Is it completely AI from start to finish?

We know they can fake normal people, and they’re admitting that.

So what’s to stop these media studios from doing just that, faking interviews, 100% AI generated, if any of their Deep State assests get arrested?

We’re at the point where this entire clip could be AI.

And I’ve been seeing raw rumors that indeed it is.

So what is needed is a fail proof test to ensure what we are seeing is indeed reality.

Here’s a deepfake Britney Spears video:

The fake Obama video from 2018:

We’ve warned you about this for a while now….

We first published this three years ago:

DEEP FAKED: Here’s What They’re Going To Do Next

DEEP FAKED: Here's What They're Going To Do Next

I have shown you this before, but I have to show you again.

Because we're getting thousands of new readers each day so this may very well be new for a lot of you.

Watch this video and especially the face.

As the impression changes, "Deep Fake" technology is employed to make the face change too.

Always wanted to look like Brad Pitt or George Clooney?

Now you least on video.

But that's very scary.

Just watch for yourself:

So...what happens next?

At this point, I've been doing this so long I can see their next moves before they even make them...

I can see around corners, almost instinctively.

And with a bunch of video evidence primed to soon drop (think: election videos, Hunter Biden videos, the Hillary video, etc) they need a way "out".

It used to be you couldn't argue with a photo...but then came Photoshop.

Then it was you certainly couldn't argue with a video...but now comes this.

It's called a Deep Fake and it will blow your mind.

Watch this short video of this impressionist, who is good but he appears magical when "Deep Fake" technology is applied to change his face to look like the person he's impersonating.

It's impressive, creepy and stunning all at the same time.

Just watch:

Now, take that and apply it to Joe Biden.

We've heard a lot about a "Fake Biden".

Maybe an actor...

Maybe a body double...

Maybe who knows what!

We've also talked about fake White Houses, fake TV sets, etc.

When I first published articles about Biden possibly in a fake White House, so many people said it was CONSPIRACY THEORY and I should no longer be allowed to publish anything because I had lost all credibility.

Except....we were proven right last week.

In case you haven't seen it, it's no longer "Fake Conspiracy" or even "Conspiracy Theory".


It's now Fact.

Not a "rumor"....a "TRUEmor".

If you missed it, read about Joe Biden's Fake White House Set here (and see the photos and videos).

Even Fox News and some left-leaning channels have covered it.

But with that as background, I actually want to talk about Fake Obama, not Fake Biden in this article.

And I'm not talking about body doubles or actors.

I'm talking about "deep fakes".

Have you heard of them?

If not, watch this and see if you can correctly identify the "real" Obama....

Watch here on Rumble:

If you haven't watched the video, stop here and don't read anymore.

Ok, SPOILERS coming....

For everyone who watched the video you learned that NONE of them are real.

All are computer fakes.

Scary right?

And this video is over a year old.

My point?

If they could do this a year ago, how many things in the Biden Residency do you think are being faked?

And another bigger point: it used to be said that you could "photoshop" a photo but not a video.

Now you can do both.

Why is that important?

Read this article below to realize what's coming next.

Ok folks, buckle up because this one is about to get wild!

If you've been following the Jeffrey Epstein story, you know the rumors say he had EVERYTHING on video tape.

Very powerful people all caught on video tape in, shall we say, compromising situations?

Situations maybe with very young children perhaps?


Movie stars.

Supreme Court justices?  (looking at you JR)

That's all speculation.

And Epstein is dead (allegedly), but his handler Ghislaine Maxwell is not.

So that will play out on its own.

But let's just assume for a moment that these videos DO come out.

What happens next?

It's game over, right?

Caught on tape!

Photos and video don't lie!


Or do they?

Have you heard about "Deep Fakes" recently?

Confused about what they are?

I believe the Deep Fake is the Deep State's answer to all these videos when they start being exposed.

So what is a Deep Fake?

Well, watch this:

And this:

And even this from PBS's NOVA:

Ok, so now you get it.

Now you've SEEN it.

And let me tell you something else....if this is what they're publicly releasing, then you know the real technology held by the elites is much more advanced.

They never release the full thing, just a fraction of it.

Here's more on the new technology, from Forbes:

Last month during ESPN’s hit documentary series The Last Dance, State Farm debuted a TV commercial that has become one of the most widely discussed ads in recent memory. It appeared to show footage from 1998 of an ESPN analyst making shockingly accurate predictions about the year 2020.

As it turned out, the clip was not genuine: it was generated using cutting-edge AI. The commercial surprised, amused and delighted viewers.

What viewers should have felt, though, was deep concern.

The State Farm ad was a benign example of an important and dangerous new phenomenon in AI: deepfakes. Deepfake technology enables anyone with a computer and an Internet connection to create realistic-looking photos and videos of people saying and doing things that they did not actually say or do.

Why Tokyo’s New Transparent Public Restrooms Are A Stroke Of Genius

Why It’s Important To Push Back On ‘Plandemic’—And How To Do It

Trump Threatens To Issue Executive Order Preventing Biden From Being Elected President

A combination of the phrases “deep learning” and “fake”, deepfakes first emerged on the Internet in late 2017, powered by an innovative new deep learning method known as generative adversarial networks (GANs).

Several deepfake videos have gone viral recently, giving millions around the world their first taste of this new technology: President Obama using an expletive to describe President Trump, Mark Zuckerberg admitting that Facebook's true goal is to manipulate and exploit its users, Bill Hader morphing into Al Pacino on a late-night talk show.

The amount of deepfake content online is growing at a rapid rate. At the beginning of 2019 there were 7,964 deepfake videos online, according to a report from startup Deeptrace; just nine months later, that figure had jumped to 14,678. It has no doubt continued to balloon since then.

While impressive, today's deepfake technology is still not quite to parity with authentic video footage—by looking closely, it is typically possible to tell that a video is a deepfake. But the technology is improving at a breathtaking pace. Experts predict that deepfakes will be indistinguishable from real images before long.

“In January 2019, deep fakes were buggy and flickery,” said Hany Farid, a UC Berkeley professor and deepfake expert. “Nine months later, I’ve never seen anything like how fast they’re going. This is the tip of the iceberg.”

Today we stand at an inflection point. In the months and years ahead, deepfakes threaten to grow from an Internet oddity to a widely destructive political and social force. Society needs to act now to prepare itself.

When Seeing Is Not Believing

The first use case to which deepfake technology has been widely applied—as is often the case with new technologies—is pornography. As of September 2019, 96% of deepfake videos online were pornographic, according to the Deeptrace report.

A handful of websites dedicated specifically to deepfake pornography have emerged, collectively garnering hundreds of millions of views over the past two years. Deepfake pornography is almost always non-consensual, involving the artificial synthesis of explicit videos that feature famous celebrities or personal contacts.

From these dark corners of the web, the use of deepfakes has begun to spread to the political sphere, where the potential for mayhem is even greater.

It does not require much imagination to grasp the harm that could be done if entire populations can be shown fabricated videos that they believe are real. Imagine deepfake footage of a politician engaging in bribery or sexual assault right before an election; or of U.S. soldiers committing atrocities against civilians overseas; or of President Trump declaring the launch of nuclear weapons against North Korea. In a world where even some uncertainty exists as to whether such clips are authentic, the consequences could be catastrophic.

Because of the technology’s widespread accessibility, such footage could be created by anyone: state-sponsored actors, political groups, lone individuals.

In a recent report, The Brookings Institution grimly summed up the range of political and social dangers that deepfakes pose: “distorting democratic discourse; manipulating elections; eroding trust in institutions; weakening journalism; exacerbating social divisions; undermining public safety; and inflicting hard-to-repair damage on the reputation of prominent individuals, including elected officials and candidates for office.”

Given the stakes, U.S. lawmakers have begun to pay attention. do you get it?

Now do you see the master plan?

Let's assume we FINALLY get to see all the evidence that Epstein and Maxwell have.

Let's say we see really sick videos of Bill Clinton with children as young as, oh I don't know, say 12?

Will they go straight to prison?

Of course not!

Silly plebs.

The answer will be so simple:  "that's not real".

Well it sure looks like you Bill.

Yeah, sure it does, but have you heard of Deep Fake videos?

Here watch all of these.

It's impossible to tell that this isn't just a computer generated image.

I wasn't there.

I never had sex with that woman.

That wasn't me!

Can you see how this will go now?

It's coming folks, and you heard it from me, Noah, first on September 27, 2020.

Sadly, I wish I were not right about this.


HANK KUNNEMAN: “There will be secrets that will be revealed that will cause so much damage”


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