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“The Bionic” Politican AMPUTATES Both Hands and Feet. Vaccine Side Effect?

A UK legislator, who had both his hands and feet amputated is making a return to work.

And he’s not coming back quietly. He’s eyeing the title of the country’s “Bionic MP.”

The cause for the loss of his limps is stated as “septic shock”.

But what caused the septic shock in the first place?

Probably a coincidence that he’s had his COVID-19 vaccines?

This shock put him into a coma and turned his feet and hands black.

They were dead.

And so he returned to work but later stated he will not be running for relection.

CBS News reports:

A U.K. legislator who lost both his hands and feet after suffering septic shock is now headed back to work. And he hopes to bring a new title with him, as the country’s “Bionic MP.”

Craig Mackinlay, a conservative member of U.K. Parliament serving South Thanet, told CBS News partner BBC that he started feeling ill on September 27 last year. After a negative COVID test, he went to sleep. His wife Kati is a pharmacist and kept an eye on his condition as he slept, and by morning, she was incredibly concerned after his arms became cold and she couldn’t detect a pulse.

Within half an hour of being admitted to the hospital, Mackinlay said his entire body, from “top to bottom,” turned “a very strange blue.” He was diagnosed with septic shock and placed into a coma for just over two weeks.

Septic shock is the “most severe stage of sepsis” – an extreme infection reaction that causes your organs to fail and blood pressure to become “extremely low,” according to the Cleveland Clinic, The potentially fatal sepsis stage can lead to brain damage and gangrene as well as lung, heart and kidney failure.

Health care workers told Kati her husband was “one of the illest people they’d ever seen” and had just a 5% chance to survive, Mackinlay told the BBC. When he finally woke up, his arms and legs “had turned black” to the point where “you could almost knock them.” The sepsis also caused scarring on his face and gums, leaving him with some loose teeth.

“I haven’t got a medical degree but I know what dead things look like,” he told the BBC. “I was surprisingly stoic about it. … It must have been the various cocktail of drugs I was on.”

On December 1, his hands and feet were amputated. And it wasn’t long before he got prosthetics for his missing limbs – a solution that was welcomed, but difficult to adjust to.

“There was no muscle on them at all, it was quite horrible,” he said. “You picked up your leg and you can see a bone and a bit of sort of hanging.”

Mackinlay isn’t interested in “moaning and complaining or getting down about the things you can’t do.” Instead, he wants to become known as the “bionic MP” and work on a campaign to educate others about sepsis.

Turns out this Bionic politican has decided to finish his political career and not run for election again.

Associated Press adds:

A British lawmaker who returned to work this week after losing his hands and feet to sepsis announced Friday that he will not run in the July 4 election.

Conservative legislator Craig Mackinlay was welcomed with a standing ovation in the House of Commons on Wednesday, six months after sepsis put him in a coma and forced the amputation of both hands and both feet.

Mackinlay, 57, had said on Wednesday that he wanted to be known as “the bionic MP” and planned to run for another term in office. Hours later, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak surprised most people, including his own lawmakers, by announcing an earlier-than-expected polling day.

Parliament is breaking up on Friday ahead of election day in just under six weeks.

Mackinlay, who has represented the South Thanet district of southeast England in Parliament since 2015, said Friday that the election call had sparked “36 hours of intense soul searching.”

“Whilst my heart tells me to stand again, there being so much unfinished business across local regeneration and national issues which are important to me, my head knows this to be impossible at this time,” he wrote on Facebook. “It would be difficult to withstand the rigors of an all-out election campaign, a campaign that I’d always wish to lead from the front.”

It’s amazing to see how people in seats of power are still ignoring the real possibility that this tragedy was caused by the vaccines.


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