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“Eyepatch McStain” Teams Up With Liver King

Well, I was not expecting this today….

Two very controversial figures have just teamed up.

The Liver King, who rocketed to fame a couple years ago and then fell back to Earth equally as fast after disclosure of steroid use, has teamed up with “Eyepatch McStain” as some of you call him (the loathsome Dan Crenshaw) for a new workout video.

Yes, you read that right.

Why in the world anyone thinks we want to see Eyepatch working out is beyond me, but you’re going to get it anyway.

From Twitter here is a short teaser video where the Liver King talks about training “one-eyed Congressman, Dan Crenshaw”:

The full video, if you care to watch it, is right here:

Crenshaw and Liver King do share a lot in common.

When Crenshaw first came on the scene, he seemed like a Patriot and he gained a large following.  Very similar to Liver King.

But then, the more we got to know him, the more loathsome and hatable he became, eventually going so Far-Left and having so many bad takes and bad votes that people began to liken him to a new John McCain figure.

You know, a man who claims to be a big war-hero Republican but sides with the Democrats every chance he gets.

Which led to the nickname “Eyepatch McStain”, which I have to say I find fitting and will not correct here.

The only difference between the two men is I find the Liver King likable.

I know many don’t like him, and it’s so easy to hate on “celebrities” but that’s not my viewpoint.

I don’t see why everyone hates the Liver King now just because he was using steroids.

To quote Joseph Robinette Biden, “come on, man!”  You really didn’t know he was on steroids before?  You thought eating liver made you look like that?  Come on!

Liver King created a character, promoted living a primal lifestyle which I would argue is MUCH healthier than the average lifestyle they force everyone into here in America, and somehow he’s the bad guy?

I don’t get it.

So I will dish out the final ratings here….

To the Liver King, I rate you PRIMAL!!

Keep on being awesome Liver King, you’re all good in this house!

To Eyepatch McStain, you are SUB-PRIMAL!!

And now for those of you who are still confused about why Crenshaw is so hated and hatable, keep reading:

JUST IN: Dan Crenshaw Intentionally Trips Reporter? (VIDEO)

Footage surfaced Wednesday of Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) appearing to trip a National File reporter.

Dan Crenshaw kicked a reporter named @NoelFritsch of @nationalfile while @HowleyReporter and I were questioning him for @NationalFile about his support for the war industry. Looks like someone needs to be expelled from Congress,” National File contributor Charles Downs wrote Wednesday.


Downs posted extended footage of what led to the incident.

“Check out the extended video, you can clearly see Dan Crenshaw threatening our publisher @noelfritsch as @howleyreporter and I asked him about how he is a warmonger and how Scalise does not have enough votes at this time for speaker. Clear as day!” he wrote.

Crenshaw called them “miscreants” and “bottom feeders.”


“Crenshaw is so unhinged. He has serious anger management issues. Remember when his knuckles were bloody during the Speaker vote in January because he got so angry with people who didn’t want to vote for @SpeakerMcCarthy, and decided to punch a table? Crenshaw is nuts. Totally unacceptable behavior from a U.S. Congressman,” said investigative reporter Laura Loomer.

Other social media users commented on the video:

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