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Twitter Posts Proudly Declaring “I’m NOT Voting For Biden” Going VIRAL After SoyBoy Gimmick Gets Hijacked

This is so good!

Allow me to bring you up to speed….

It all started yesterday when Soy Boy Chris Mowrey posted this on Twitter saying he is 22, from Georgia, and he’s voting for Joe Biden.

Then “How bout you?”

While designed to look organic, I think it was anything but organic, but more on that in a minute.

His buddy the equally looking Soy Boy Sam Schwartz then picks up on it

I have to pause now to address the term “Soy Boy”.

What does it mean?

Well, the Urban Dictionary has many definitions but I happen to like this one a lot:

The Independent reports the following definitions, which I think are equally good and valid:

According to Urban Dictionary, the term soy boy means: “Slang used to describe males who completely and utterly lack all necessary masculine qualities. This pathetic state is usually achieved by an over-indulgence of emasculating products and/or ideologies.

“The average soy boy is a feminist, nonathletic, has never been in a fight, will probably marry the first girl that has sex with him, and likely reduces all his arguments to labeling the opposition as ‘Nazis’.”

The only thing I disagree with is that I don’t agree these are “insults” or pejoratives.

No, to the Soy Boy, they are PROUDLY Soy Boys.

They like it!

Relish it!

They like being effeminate males, it’s edgy and trendy and cool!

They love Soy like they love Skinny Jeans.

So I use the term Soy Boy not as an insult but as a factual descriptor only.

But it’s not just my opinion, I am simply reporting what I see.

Check out a few replies to their Tweets:

I think it’s very rude to say he has AIDS (and no evidence to support that whatsoever) but “effeminate men” seems accurate.

Others are confused about gender completely:

Ok, so now that we have that out of the way, now the fun part of story.

First we have to address whether this was organic or not.

Sisson and Mowrey have positioned themselves online as just some random Millennials or Gen Z-ers who just love Joe Biden because….they just love Joe Biden.

But many have claimed and Community Notes has also confirmed that they are in fact paid political operatives with a professional management team.

We cannot confirm whether they just love Joe Biden out of the goodness of their heart or if the claims on Twitter that they are paid political operators with sophisticated management teams is true or not.  You can investigate and judge for yourself.

But I find it a bit skeptical that they just keep randomly going viral online for their Joe Biden support.

Seems fishy to me, but what do I know?

Anyway, once again their little bit started to go viral with more people doing their own posts saying they are voting for Joe Biden.  How many of those are real and organic is unknown.

But then the best part happened….

MAGA jumped in and hijacked the campaign.

Suddenly “NOT Voting for Joe Biden” was trending on Twitter as people flooded the social network with their own posts declaring they are NOT Voting for Joe Biden or alternatively that they are voting for Donald Trump.

There are way more than I could possible keep up with, but here’s a small sampling — and as you scroll, note the diversity in this group — men, women, white, minorities, gay, straight — Trump is uniting America:

Keep it going!

Post yours to Twitter and let’s see how many millions we can get!


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