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JUST IN: Biden Pushing New Ukraine Funding That Can’t Be Revoked For 10 Years!

This is legitimately insane—if you thought that the funding in Ukraine couldn’t get worse then just wait.

Sources say that Joe Biden and Zelensky’s regime are in talks to enter into a long-term funding deal spanning 10 years and totaling $1 trillion. That’s not a typo, you read it right.

All the billions we have already wasted on the military-industrial foreign money laundering operation represent mere chump change compared to this reported deal.

Moreover, this purported deal would be immune to cancellation from the next two Presidents. Even if President Trump wanted to undo it in the future, he wouldn’t be able to.

Col. Douglass MacGregor had this to say about the disastrous deal that is quietly being discussed.

“Insanity. Biden’s foolish actions could ensure war with Russia sooner, rather than later. Trump’s reckless and uninformed support for the new bill could convince Moscow that peace is impossible regardless of whom Americans elect without a Russian advance to NATO’s Easter Border.”

According to CNN, the most recently passed deal also included long-term funding provisions for Ukraine:

Unlike drawdown packages which pull military equipment directly from US stocks, Friday’s aid announcement falls under the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI), which contracts with industry to procure the equipment.

The USAI is intended to provide Ukraine with a long-term supply of weapons and equipment.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene didn’t mince words: “Permanent funding for Ukraine is exactly what they want and Mike Johnson will give it to them.

Peace is not an option for them because it doesn’t fit the government appropriations war business and economic model, which is vile and disgusting.

Their plan is keep funding the proxy war with Russia in Ukraine and when that doesn’t work, after all the Ukrainian men have been slaughtered, next they will put American troops on the ground.

Johnson will do whatever Biden/Schumer want in order to keep the Speaker’s gavel in his hand, but he has completely sold out the Republican voters who gave us the majority. His days as Speaker are numbered.”

The Hill claimed that GOP lawmakers have ‘vowed’ no additional funding for Ukraine, but this is not what we are seeing from the impotent Republican Party:

Thirty-one Senate Republicans joined with almost every Democrat to push the package across the finish line — an uptick of nine GOP members from the February vote.

Advocates for Ukraine believe this gives them the wind in their sails when they inevitably push for another package.


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