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The Best Question I’ve Heard About Ukraine: “Where’s All The Video?”

It’s funny how sometimes the most obvious things are right under our noses and we don’t see them.

This is one of those instances.

I’ve criticized so many different aspects of the Ukraine “war” and the funding of that “war” by America, but one thing I didn’t really stop to realize is the most basic question…..

If this war is SO big and has been going on for SO long, where is all the video footage?

Think about it….Israel and Iran have been engaged in their own “war” since October 7th and we have hundreds of videos of rockets, drones and airplanes striking all over the place.

We have videos of buildings being blown up.

We have video of on the ground skirmishes.

But now think about Ukraine.

Have you EVER seen any actual war footage?

After what, 3 years?

And so many billions “donated” that I lost count…..

If this war is so big, where is all the video of the battles?

I can’t recall seeing even ONE, can you?

In today’s day and age, there are video cameras EVERYWHERE.  Worldwide.

If something happens, you’ll get 10 different camera angles of it uploaded to Twitter within 5 minutes.

But a 3-year Ukraine/Russia war?

I just spent 20 minutes searching Twitter and I found almost nothing.

Try it for yourself.

Credit to this lady for blowing my mind today with that question:

You know what videos we DO get, thought?

First category of videos we get are the FAKE videos.

Remember this one?

Remember how even the USA Today had to admit this was not footage of a Ukrainian mig shooting down a Russian fighter jet:

The claim: A video shows the Ukrainian Air Force shooting down a Russian jet

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, a video claiming to show the Ukrainian Air Force shooting down a Russian jet has emerged on social media.

“Just crazy footage of a Ukrainian Air Force MiG-29 shooting down an enemy Su-35 fighter jet. Glory to Ukraine,” reads the caption of a Feb. 25 Facebook post.

The post includes a vertical video that shows jets passing over a building. A projectile appears to strike an object in the sky, which catches on fire and produces smoke.

The video was viewed 14,000 times in a little over a week. However, the clip does not show Ukrainian fighters shooting down a Russian jet.

The video comes from a video game. Independent fact-checking organizations have debunked claims that the clip shows the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“On this video, we are not ready to say that it is 100% truthful,” Volunteer Info, the Facebook page that shared the clip, told USA TODAY in a direct message.

Clip comes from video game

As reported by Reuters, the video comes from a game called “Digital Combat Simulator World,” which is described on its website as “a free-to-play digital battlefield game.” Swiss company Eagle Dynamics created the game.

Company spokesperson Matthias Techmanski confirmed to Reuters that the footage was from “Digital Combat Simulator World.”

Then we get videos like this of people in Ukraine having a great time partying in a Nightclub:

Does that look like a war-torn country to you?

Another one here:

My favorite are the beach and poll videos….

Do these Ukrainians look scared for their lives?

Dance party!

We must send more billions to keep the party going!

ChatGPT has several excuses for why we just don’t have any of that pesky war footage even after 3 years:

  1. Control and Restrictions: Both Russia and Ukraine have imposed controls on the flow of information for reasons of national security, operational secrecy, and to manage the narrative surrounding the conflict. These controls include restrictions on journalists and limits on what can be published or broadcasted.
  2. Media Access: Access to conflict zones can be extremely dangerous, and in many cases, journalists and media personnel are restricted from entering these areas. This limits the direct reporting and recording of events as they happen.
  3. Propaganda and Misinformation: There’s a high risk of propaganda and misinformation from all sides of the conflict. Videos and other forms of media are often used as tools in psychological warfare, to sway public opinion or to mislead enemy forces. Both sides might therefore be cautious about what footage is released.
  4. Infrastructure and Communication Disruptions: War can lead to significant disruptions in infrastructure, including internet and telecommunications. This can hinder the ability to capture and upload videos.
  5. Personal Safety and Privacy: People in conflict zones might be reluctant to film or share footage due to fears for their personal safety or in order to protect the identity and privacy of those involved in the conflict.
  6. Saturation and Sensitivity: Audiences globally might also be shielded from continuous graphic content by media outlets to avoid desensitizing viewers or causing distress, adhering to ethical considerations about the impact of showing graphic war footage.

If you look on YouTube, you’ll find SOME videos….

But dig in and you find they’re highly produced and very short clips, unclear of what you are even seeing.

They usually involve one stray soldier doing something random.  Hardly a video of any kind of battlefield I’ve ever seen.

Oh, and we also got this:

Dancing Ukraine Fighters Make a Mockery Of The “Ukraine War”?

Do you remember that?

That was a real mockery.

Just like those dancing COVID nurses (remember that cringe video?) we got dancing Ukraine soldiers.

What a freaking joke!

I exposed a lot more here:

The One Thing About Ukraine Money NO ONE Is Talking About…

And I wrote this back in 2022:

What Is REALLY Happening In Russia/UKRAINE [MSM Not Telling You The Truth]

I've waited until now to make any comments about what I believe is happening in Russia/Ukraine.

I wanted to wait and watch and see how things developed before commenting.

But over the past week I've been flooded with questions from family, friends and readers asking what I believe is really happening right now in the Russia/Ukraine story.

So here we go...

Let's start with this: I haven't been to either country.  I haven't seen anything first-hand.

So I'm going to be telling you what makes sense to me and what I've learned (and what I hope we've all learned) after doing this since 2015.

Let's start with this: I don't trust the official MSM narrative.

Can we all agree to start there?

I think if you start there, you've got about 75% of it figured out.

For weeks, all I heard was the MSM saying Putin is going to invade, Putin is going to start a war.

Yet I heard nothing from Putin himself.

It was a war declared over and over and over by the Media.  As if they wanted the war.  As if someone NEEDED the war, to either advance their agenda or to distract from other things...or perhaps all of the above.

So that's where I start and immediately I assume that whatever I'm being told by the MSM Propaganda Machine is probably close to 180 degrees from the actual truth.

Then I move to a second but closely related question: what side is Joe Biden on?

Joe Biden is hand-in-hand with the MSM, declaring Putin the enemy of the world.

Again, my guard is up.

I'm not going to stand here and tell you Vlad Putin is a great guy.  But I don't have to jump that far to say I don't trust the side of Joe Biden and the MSM.

It's possible that NEITHER side are the "good guys", don't forget that.

So with those two puzzle pieces figured out, I'm about 85% clear on what I believe is happening: namely, that the MSM and Biden Regime are colluding to thrust America and the world into a new world war and this is not in anyone's best interest except for the globalist banksters.

How we doing so far?

Pretty accurate?

Ok, so now how about Russia and Ukraine...who are the "good guys"?

Again, I don't know.

The real world is often not as black and white and much more grey.

I'm not here to condone anything Russia or the Ukraine is doing.

I think we all have a common enemy, but it's not either of those countries, it's the globalist banker elites.

The bad guys are this creep, Anal Schwab:

SAVED From The YouTube Purge: Klaus Schwab Admits It All On Video

And these creeps, Gates of Hell and Soros:

BREAKING: George Soros and Bill Gates Just Bought a COVID Testing Company for $41 Million

Want to find the "bad guys"?

THOSE are the bad guys.

The rest is a distraction.

And no, I don't mean the fighting and deaths are not real, I suspect they are very much real.

But a senseless distraction designed to enrich the global elite while distracting from other things such as, oh I don't know, how about this:

Remember when these four all had kids working and making millions off energy companies in the Ukraine?

Seriously...what are the odds?

Either all of these families just have very odd and statistically unlikely ties to a random country off the shore of Russia, or perhaps.....just perhaps....Ukraine was being used for money laundering?

Are we still allowed to ask those questions?

Are we still allowed to do investigative journalism?

What are the odds folks?

Here's a related question:  what are the odds that the whole recorded phone call that lead to Trump's (failed) impeachment was you remember?....that's right, the President of Ukraine!

195 countries in the world and you mean to tell me it all keeps pointing back to Ukraine?

What are the odds?

Folks, I don't know exactly what all of this means, but I do know this: I don't trust the MSM and Biden narratives one bit and then you start seeing all of this stuff?

And don't forget, Zelensky is a professional actor turned President.

In what world does that happen?

In other words, I think this lady put it very well:

Very well said.

I agree with almost everything she says.

How about you?

And then we have this from Wendy Rogers, who I agree with completely here too:

No, I'm not sticking up for Russia, but I do know one thing...

Banning people from social media, from bank accounts, from society is almost NEVER the right side of history.

Banning and deplatforming is something I am against almost across the board.

Yet another red flag to add to the mix.

And what about the BioLabs in the Ukraine that are reportedly being taken out?

We covered that here:

And I've waited until this point in the article to get into this, but now we get into the fake photos, fake videos and fake narratives.

Starting with this (fake cardboard toy guns):

It's gotten so bad it's being mocked mercilessly online, literally being compared to the classic N64 video game from the 1990s:

And you know that tearjerker scene being shared all week long about the soldier leaving for battle?

Yeah, another lie.

They're not even trying anymore...

That footage is from a 2017 documentary:

You awake yet?

Need more?

Ok, here's more fakery:

And then we get to the "Ghost of Kyiv".

Have you heard this story yet?

The Ukrainian fighter pilot who went Maverick on TopGun and took down 12 MiGs singlehandedly?

Here's the story they're pushing:

Great story if true.

The only problem?

Almost all the footage surrounding it is confirmed fake.

Fake photo:

Fake video (from a video game):

The pilot and the story could still be real, but at what point do we just call BS on the whole entire thing?

Why do we cling to wanting a story like this to be true, when almost no other part of the story so far has been confirmed as reliable?

Why do we say things like this?

In other words, "I don't care if I'm being lied to, this makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside."

We're at a powerful point in history my friends.

A point where a critical mass of people have woken up and no longer believe the propaganda they so easily pushed on us for decades.

It's no longer working.

Keep questioning.

Keep challenging.

Keep thinking for yourself!

If we have learned ANYTHING since 2015, I hope it's that we need to think for ourselves!

Don't just gobble up everything the MSM tells you as truth, because it usually isn't.

For 4+ years, we saw the MSM twist and turn every detail against Donald Trump until it no longer resembled anything close to the truth.

We saw them blatantly lie to us over and over and over.

I hope we've all learned they are almost certainly lying to us right now.

So what IS the truth?

What do I think about Russia/Ukraine?

I don't know all the details of the true story here, but I know what ISN'T true and I know I'm not buying what the MSM and Joe Biden are trying to sell me.

How about you?


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