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FACT-CHECK: Edward Snowden Is Mike Johnson?

Ok folks, don’t shoot the messenger on this one, I’m just reporting on something that is starting to go viral online.

Perhaps you’ve seen it….the claim the Edward Snowden = Mike Johnson.

I’m going to say right at the onset that I do not believe this to be the case, but as you click in and look at some of the photos I have to admit the resemblance in some instances is quite uncanny!

Let me show you what I mean, and then I will reiterate I am not promoting this as accurate.  In fact, I believe the contrary.

Let’s start with this:

The tie in to Kim Clement is interesting….and Kim did say “another Snowden will arise”.

This would sure be quite the twist on those words if “another Snowden” meant Snowden himself in disguise!

Now let’s look at some side-by-sides that I posted for comparison purposes.




I don’t see it so much, but the one thing I will say is in the two photos directly above, they both do appear to have two moles in EXACTLY the same spot.

That is definitely odd.

Then we have this post which is saying the ears and teeth don’t match, but ironically I think this photo mashup is the most convincing of any I have seen:

I did run all three sets of photos through online AI face comparison software and got these results:

I don’t quite know what to make of that.  50-61% does seem awfully high, but the software labels that “not a match”.

So AI is telling you it’s not the same person.

And we all know our AI overlords are never wrong! (smile)

I got 54% using a different AI tool:

I did find it interesting that Mike Johnson didn’t even get elected to Congress until 2017 and Edward Snowden had already been exiled back in 2013.

But overall this is one “conspiracy theory” I’m just not quite buying into.  Sorry folks!

Because the theory seems to be that Speaker Johnson (Snowden) and Trump are somehow working together.

I will say that I have found it extremely odd that President Trump continues to support Johnson, even after another $60 billion to Ukraine and NOTHING for our border.

That definitely caught my attention and I really don’t have a good explanation for it.

But if the idea that Trump is working with Johnson because he knows he’s secretly Snowden, that falls apart pretty quickly based on President Trump’s prior statements about Snowden (spoiler alert: he does not like him).

On June 24, 2013, he referred to Snowden as a “traitor” who had “really hurt us.” Additionally, in October 2013, Trump tweeted that Snowden was “a spy who should be executed” after Snowden was charged.

So sorry folks, I’m marking this one as “Interesting….but unlikely true”.


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