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UPDATE: TWO Seated Jurors Have Now Been Dismissed From Trump Trial, Can’t Be “Impartial”

It is beginning to look like President Trump cannot get a fair trial in New York City (or anywhere, for that matter).

We’re now up to 2 seated jurors in 24 hours that have been dismissed from the current so-called “Hush Money” case.

It’s important to note these are “seated” jurors, meaning they were selected and placed on the jury after voir dire only to then be removed.  Which is fairly unusual.

Prior to beating seated, 48 other prospective jurors have already been dismissed due to their admission they could not be impartial.

Here is a quick summary:

In the ongoing Trump NYC trial, two jurors have been dismissed. The first juror was removed after expressing doubt about her ability to be fair and impartial, while concerns arose that some of the answers given by the second New Yorker chosen for the panel may not have been accurate, leading to the dismissal of the second juror. As a result, only five of the original seven jurors remain seated. The trial requires thirteen jurors before it can proceed. Additionally, 48 prospective jurors have been let go because they stated they could not be fair and impartial, and nine more were excused for other reasons, leaving 39 prospective jurors remaining. These details have been sourced from a combination of external sources, including tweets and web snippets, as of the latest updates available.

The first juror was dismissed after she came clean and admitted she could not be fair and impartial:


Credit for admitting it I guess?

Even if you initially did not?

How many others lied at the early stages and haven’t come clean yet?  Or will they ever?

The second dismissed juror is even worse:

CBS News has more details:

Two people who had been selected to serve on the jury in former President Donald Trump’s criminal trial in New York were excused on Thursday, including one woman who expressed concerns about being identified publicly and her ability to remain impartial.

The number of seated jurors now stands at five on the third day of proceedings.

Juror #2, a young woman who was chosen to serve on Tuesday, said she “definitely has concerns now” about serving after friends and family asked her if she was a juror, based on media reports.

“Aspects of my identity have already been out there in public. Yesterday alone, I had friends and family push things to me,” she told the court on Thursday. “I don’t think at this point that I can be fair and unbiased.”

The judge, Juan Merchan, immediately reprimanded the press for reporting what he said was too much information about the jurors. He ordered that questions about potential jurors’ employers would be redacted from the court record moving forward, and directed reporters not to mention jurors’ physical appearance.

Prosecutors also raised concerns about Juror #4, saying they discovered information about someone sharing the person’s name who was arrested and potentially involved in a corruption investigation in the 1990s. The man arrived late to court and was briefly questioned by attorneys in front of the judge, out of earshot from the court’s microphones. Merchan ultimately decided to dismiss the man.

We will continue to monitor this story and bring you updates as they become available.


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