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Five Human Skeletons Without Hands And Feet Disovered At Former Ultra Secure Nazi Command Center

An eerie discovery was made in Poland.

Archeologists discovered skeletons of five people who noticeably had missing hands and feet.

The discovery was made at a former Nazi military base called the Wolf’s Lair in Gierloz, Poland.

Archeologists discovered the bodies near the house of a former Nazi commander Hermann Göring.

Many Nazi leaders, including Hitler, spent significant amounts of time at the Wolf’s Lair during WWII.

Currently, scientists are using technology in an attempt to reveal the ethnicity of teh bodies to get a glimpse of who the five people were.

Here’s what The Guardian reported:

Amateur archaeologists have unearthed five human skeletons missing their hands and feet under the former home of the Nazi war criminal Hermann Göring at Hitler’s Wolf’s Lair military headquarters in present-day Poland.

The remains, believed to be that of a family, were discovered as part of a dig at the site near the north-eastern town of Kętrzyn, where Nazi leaders spent large stretches of the second world war.

Mystery surrounds the chilling find, first reported by Der Spiegel, including the identity of the victims, the circumstances of their burial, and whether the Reichsmarschall knew the bones were there while he lived in the house.

The imposing brick building in a wooded stretch of moorland at the former Nazi Wolfsschanze has largely been reclaimed by nature. It was considered thoroughly researched before the team of German and Polish history buffs set upon it.

Oktavian Bartoszewski, the publisher of the magazine Relikte der Geschichte (Relics of History), said the Gdańsk-based team Fundacja Latebra had worked at the site for years, often turning up banal household items such as crockery and tools.

Per CNN:

Archaeologists have unearthed the skeletons of five people, missing their hands and feet, at a former Nazi military base in Poland.

They were discovered at a Nazi command center known as the Wolf’s Lair in Gierloz, northeastern Poland, after the group unearthed a fragment of human skull during a dig on February 24 and alerted local authorities, who decided to carry out further excavations.

The remains belonged to three adults, a teenager and a newborn baby, according to a statement from the Latebra Foundation, a historical organization based in the Polish city of Gdansk, published Thursday.

The five bodies were arranged near each other, facing in the same direction, outside a house occupied by Nazi commander Hermann Göring, an ace fighter pilot during World War I who became one of the most powerful Nazi leaders in World War II and a close friend of Adolf Hitler.

Alongside them were burned boards and the remains of sewage infrastructure, but there were no traces of clothing, according to the statement.

Here’s a look at what the Wolf’s Lair look like now:


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