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SHOCK VIDEO: High School Thug Arrested After Brutal Assault of Teacher Caught On Camera

I am SO sick of thug behavior in this country.

And let’s get something on the table right at the beginning of this article, shall we?

Let’s address the word “thug”….because I can just feel it in my bones that some Far-Left Loon is going to say “thug” is a racist word.

I’ve been doing this long enough that I can just sense things, and my Spidey-Sense is pretty accurate at this point.

In fact, it’s so good that I decided to Google whether “thug” was a racist word (or CLAIMED to be a racist word) and sure enough first result did not let me down:  NPR has an entire podcast on the topic!

LOL….way to go NPR!

I honestly did not know this existed before I started writing this article and then Googled it, and sure enough NPR was there EXACTLY as I expected them.

So the Far-Left Loons claim “thug” is a racist word huh?

Well, I’m gonna have to shred that concept before we can move on with this story, so let’s start shredding…

As usual, the Far-Left are the people who are the actual racists.

It’s their typical playbook, they’ve ran this one many times before.

Remember “Voter ID is racist”?

Unpack that a bit and you’ll discover they’re essentially saying that black people or minorities are so poor and so unresourceful and so flat out incompetent that they couldn’t possibly ever figure out how to obtain an ID card!

How absolutely preposterous and wildly racist!

Same goes for this one….

“Thug” is a racist word?


That’s REALLY the position you want to take NPR?

Well, let’s go to the dictionary and see the definition:

The dictionary definition says no mention at all of any tie to race.

The definition is simply a “violent, aggressive person, especially a criminal.”

So “thug” describes BEHAVIOR, not race.

But to NPR, I guess that type of behavior is so closely tied to a certain race that they think it is synonymous.

Once again…how absolutely preposterous and wildly racist!

Interestingly enough, if there is a racist component to the word “thug” it is in the second historical definition which is tied to BRITISH people robbing Indians.

The more you know!

Education is good, mmmmkay?

You see, I have this wild and crazy idea that we shouldn’t judge people by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

Crazy idea, right?

I think a famous guy once said that 50+ years ago (wink, wink).

Alright, now let’s advance the story and I’m going to show you THUG behavior.

Watch this horrible video showing a high school teacher brutally assaulted by a thug:

HAPPENING NOW: A video has gone viral showing a student attacking a teacher. He slaps her multiple times and then returns to his desk as if he’ll face no consequences.

Local sheriffs in Salem North Carolina have arrested the teen and he’s being charged with 3 misdemeanors. The school also said he will be disciplined.

What is happening to our youth? They have absolutely zero respect for anyone anymore.

Video from NYPOST

Backup video here:

Collin Rugg reports the following:

NEW: North Carolina high school student arrested after assaulting his teacher as students in the class filmed and laughed.

The teen is now facing three misdemeanor charges for assault on a government official.

Unlike many other school assault cases, the district attorney launched an investigation into the assault within an hour after the video was posted.

“Both Sheriff Kimbrell and myself spent the morning at Parkland High School speaking with the teacher,” said Forsyth county DA Jim O’Neil.

“This isn’t about the color of your skin, this isn’t about your political affiliation, today is about one thing. Sending a message to the teachers out there, that law enforcement and the District Attorney’s Office support you, we care about the job you do.”

The public school system is a mess.

I’ll give you my take in just a minute…

But first here are more details from the NY Post:

A North Carolina high school student was charged after he allegedly slapped his teacher multiple times during a viral profanity-laced classroom rant earlier this week.

The rage-filled youngster, identified only as a minor, confronted the educator inside Parkland High School in Winston-Salem, where he violently attacked her, according to video posted to social media.

After the initial impact, the teacher seemed unfazed by the slap as the student continued to run his mouth.

The student was charged with one count of Communicating Threats and two counts of Misdemeanor Assault.

The rage-filled youngster, identified only as a minor, confronted the educator inside Parkland High School in Winston-Salem, where he violently attacked the teacher on April 15.

“Do you think that affected me anyway,” the unidentified teacher said, sitting back in her chair, legs crossed.

“Want me to hit you again,” the juvenile asked as he menacingly approached the teacher.

“I don’t want it,” the teacher answered before being hit again, this time from the right side.

The second blow knocks the sitting instructor’s glasses off her face.

“The f–k’s wrong with you, what you gonna do, still sit in that chair ’cause you a bitch. Ain’t nobody even coming, you got slapped,” says the student, seemingly singing and dancing.

“Bitch go back to teaching.”

After the initial impact, the teacher seemed unfazed by the slap as the student continued to run his mouth.
After the initial impact, the teacher seemed unfazed by the slap as the student continued to run his mouth.
Students behind the camera reacted to the slaps with laughter amid the classroom assault.

The school district condemned the student’s behavior.

“This behavior will not be tolerated. At no time is it acceptable for students to put their hands on a teacher in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools,” Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools Superintendent Tricia McManus said, according to WXII.

“My focus now is on making sure that our teacher is taken care of and has the support needed to navigate through the lasting effects of this incident.”

I am so sick of the BS!

The list of things that have ruined America is long, but two big things stand out to me as leading to crap like this.

First is the race-baiting crap from people like Al Sharpton and Black Lives Matter, turning everything into a racial issue.

Stop the race-baiting crap.  Enough.

Your race didn’t make you be a thug, your THUG behavior made you be a thug!

The second is the lack of any consequences in any aspect of life anymore for children, which is closely tied to the absolute over-abundance of lawyers in this country.

Everyone is so damn afraid of being sued (and for good reason, because lawsuits have been allowed to run rampant and out of control) that we’ve all lost our damn minds!

Stores now instruct their employees to never confront a thief stealing from the store.  Just let them go!

Schools instruct teachers they can never lay a hand on a student, just let them do whatever they want!

I’m sorry, enough is enough.

You know what would solve a whole lot of this?

A swift paddle to the ass!

And you don’t wait until they’re 18 and a senior in high school.

You enforce some consequences when they’re in Elementary School.

When we got things upside down and we allowed the students to smack the teachers instead of letting the teachers discipline the students that’s when it all fell apart.

This thug who assaulted the teacher should have had his ass beat LONG ago, probably several times.

By his parents….

By a coach….

By his teachers….

Or by all of the above!

Less lawyers….

Less lawsuits….

More discipline and consequences without fear of getting drug into court.

Stop handcuffing our coaches, teachers and volunteers who are trying to help raise a decent next generation, and empower them to do what is best for the long run.

So let me ask you this as I wrap things up….

What is the better course of action?

Sitting back and letting yourself get punched in the face as a teacher because your hands are tied…..or the way this man below decided to police his own community:

BUTT WHOOPED: Do We Need More Of This In America…Or Was This Too Much?

Ok folks, need your opinion on this.

This is going absolutely viral and it’s splitting people about 50/50 right now the middle.

Kind of like how this kid got “split down the middle” by a whoopin!

So let me explain…

The story goes that this kid stole something from the man with the belt, and the community decided to “police its own”.

Actually, the guy who had his property stolen asked the kid if he’d rather go home to his mother or get a whoopin’.

The kid choose the whoopin’.

Watch here:

And a backup copy here:

And in case Twitter is blocking those, I have a backup for you on Rumble:

So….I need to know what you think.

Was this too much?

Over the top?

Or actually exactly what we need in America!

A little more consequence for bad behavior!

Get a bruised ass for a couple days but learn a lesson that lasts a lifetime.

What do you think?

Drop me a comment below and let me know which side you’re on.


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