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E. Jean Carroll Surrendered Unlicensed Firearm , Why Isn’t She A Felon?

New reports have revealed that E. Jean Carroll was visited by law enforcement officials in February after she casually mentioned the possession of an unlicensed firearm during her defamation lawsuit.

Following the visit, Carroll surrendered the firearm to law enforcement officials, yet the writer and litigant was not charged or arrested.

In fact, sources say that law enforcement officials confiscated the firearm for ‘safekeeping’ and will presumably return the firearm once the necessary paperwork has been filed.

This is yet another example of our two-tiered justice system at work.

If this happened to anyone else, like a young man in a bright red hat with MAGA emblazoned on the front, they would be facing felony charges right now. Take a look at what everyone is saying:

NBC News confirmed:

John Rader, the reporting officer, said in his report that he “offered to secure the weapon at the police station’s property for safekeeping.”

Carroll and a member of her security team surrendered the gun a day after Rader visited, and the firearm was being held until Carroll receives a New York pistol license, the report said.

Conservative influencer and commentator Joey Mannarino writes:

“January 17th, E. Jean Carroll mentioned in court that she kept an unlicensed “high standard revolver, nine chambers” by her bed. ONE MONTH LATER, NYPD seized the gun, but not her.

Criminal possession of a firearm in New York carries penalties of up to four years in prison for a class E felony. What did the ugly lying hag bitch get? NOTHING.

Because as history teaches us, it’s not a crime when name-brand Democrats do it. ‘She told us about it so it’s fine’ is the same as “Biden turned over the documents when asked to.”

REALLY NOT THE POINT. BOTH committed the crime, BOTH must do the time. And now crooked Alvin Bragg will make the gun disappear. Where are the anti-gun folks, or is this somehow not the same?”

Carroll claimed this to The Guardian in 2019:

She had always had a gun but had not kept it loaded until after she accused the former US president of raping her in the 1990s and entered civil litigation with Trump, which prompted her to load the revolver and put it next to her while she slept, out of security fears.


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