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FlashPoint: Bridge Disaster Prophetic Connection

It’s always good checking in with the boys from FlashPoint….

And I haven’t seen them for a while, so I was fascinated to see this come across my screen today.

Very interesting prophetic connections with the bridge in Baltimore.

Watch here:


yeah well I I I think if we’re going to
look at the prophetic aspect of this
which I think is appropriate I’m going
say I received a dream sent to me a week
ago and it’s only dream I’ve ever
received my life in which it had it had
the national anthem the star Bango
banner and in the dream I was in travail
at the capol building in Washington DC
and as I stood from the travail I stood
up with a guitar and I strum the key of
C that’s a play on words and then I
begin to sing the national anthem and I
said oh say can you
see to the key of C and I just held the
word see and I kept saying that over and
over again oh say can you see and it
began to go out Across the Nation in
sound waves and I said this I made this
decree I declare that a seeing anointing
goes out over this land to break the
spell of
delusion the Lord is opening the eyes of
the people so that they will
see and then an angel choir joined me
and they began to sing the song Shout to
Lord uh a song We sang 20 or so years
ago and the emphasis was when they came
to the part that said nothing compares
to the promise I have in you and the
point of the then they begin to surround
the the capital and sing that song so it
was all about removing the delusion
obviously a warning obviously connected
to the nation this this bridge and and
this dream and so what God is saying is
he wants us to cry out continue to cry
out for the breaking of the delusion
Over America so that we see clearly and
that we have authority to break this
spell of delusion so that the people can
see in C uding our leaders in the
capital and elsewhere I hope that made
sense I tried to do it really do it does
make sense but jean this is going to
onto all of the
other economic woses of the country to
try to create more chaos whether it was
intentional or not I guarantee you
there’s a lot of people that are going
to look for an opportunity here it def
Causes Chaos it definitely cus this
chaos Lance you had a comment go ahead I
just yeah I just have a comment because
you know listen to what um Dutch just
said and he said it was about the key of
sea now you know this is and then the
national anthem now he probably was
saying this and I just I just caught it
but it’s Francis Scott Keys is the
author of The National Anthem and the
key of C is significant because the key
of C is The Beginner’s key praying for
people’s eyes to be open I’m a piano
player I’m a musician when you’re
training people who are new you start
them off in the key of C because it has
distracting major notes or minor notes
they’re all major they’re all single
keys so it’s the simplest way to start
and I think that that goes to getting
the eyes open I think see is The
Beginner’s key for being able to see and
I think God is beginning now to Open the
Eyes of people to see how far down the
road we actually are in terms of the
collapsing of things W so so true all
right if I may Pastor Jean real quick
could I interject I I think the key of
sea is also significant that this was
the Francis Scott Key bridge over a sea
over water that there’s a message of
resiliency a message of America Pastor
Jean I just want to say this very quick
we’re talking about the prophetic
January 29th God said 2023 why are
things collapsing what does this mean is
this the way of your present will this
be your future and then God begins to go
on and say watch as things begin to
collapse this will not always be the way
that things will be for a reset is in
motion cons a reversal is already taking
place but God said it’s to lead you into
a promise throughout the Earth that my
goodness shall outweigh the evil and the
harshness of what you have seen and this
was almost you know 14 months ago where
God was talking about the collapses and
even talk aled about in another prophecy
that there would be certain structures
that had a historical significance to it
so yeah we’re going to go through some
Rough Waters but I believe that that key
of C is to show us that flag was still
there America you’re going to continue
to stand but it requires you the people
to pray speak up and do your part now
it’s true let me go Dutch I want to wrap
up this with the bridge because we’re
kind of at the end of what we know at
this point um I I want to comment if you
have one but and then I want you to pray
for everybody involved and our
leadership here that we make the right
decisions on uh rebuilding and uh
restoring trade and everything else that
goes with this
disaster well you know I just don’t to
amen everyone what everyone is saying
and I did make the connection to Francis
Scott Key who wrote the the star spangle
banner and it’s it’s it all fits
together I had no idea when the dream
came that that that obviously that this
event was going to take place but
there’s no way you can separate this and
back to this is what I want to pray back
to the warning in the dream was to say
we must decree over the nation the
breaking of the delusion so that we see
clearly and also want to add that I
think it’s happening I think the very
fact that the dream took place is saying
hey you’re making progress but you must
you must make more progress and it’s
like you know the word that that uh Hank
shared that the Lord lord gave him so
yeah I I I would love to pray into that
Lord we just thank you for for what
you’re saying we thank you that you are
breaking delusion you’re breaking
lifting off of this nation the blindness
so that we can see Lord you’re bringing
us back to the beginning the the basics
of of of what is important in this
nation and so we we do as this as the
dream said we declare over this nation
you will see the delusion the deception
will be broken off of you America
American people leaders in America
Congress in America the delusion will be
broken and you will return to the god of
your fathers and you will see clearly
and you will once again celebrate being
a nation under God under God so we
decree this Lord and we pray that as
it’s rebuilt that it all takes place
your way we pray against any conniving
or any deceptive tactics that our
government might bring or those in
government Lord it is sad that we don’t
trust them but we can’t trust them so we
pray for you to oversee all of this we
pray for the right people to be involved
and we pray Lord for for your
breakthrough we pray for those the
family members of those who are lost in
this Lord give them Comfort give them
Grace we pray over them Lord your peace
in Jesus name we ask all this and
declare it
amen amen


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